Hiram Chase
Belfast, ME  1849-1880
c. 1885 Chamberlain & Son Trade Card
B.M. Chamberlain & Son / Chamberlain & Son
Salem, MA  1871-1890  Benjamin Moore Chamberlain, jeweler.
John Davenport Chase
Brooklyn, NY  1840-1880
Carter Brothers
Portland, ME  1872-1991  Abiel Carter and John William Dodge Carter,
Cassidy & Ball
Philadelphia, PA  1858-1861
Benjamin K. Chase
Brattleboro, VT 1856-1861 and Rutland, VT 1861-1877  
Watchmaker and jeweler.
Charles Caspar
New York, NY  1880s-1900s
Chase & Tripp
Brattleboro, VT  1857-1861  Benjamin K. Chase and Charles A. Tripp.
W.W. Cassidy
Philadelphia, PA  1846-1874
Carver & Williams
Lambertville, NJ  1850-c. 1900  Fancy goods merchants.
Wm. H. Cary & Co.
Buffalo, NY  c. 1845-1860s  Fancy goods merchants.
Otis G. Carter, Sr.
Norwalk, OH  1831-1855 and 1860-1901; Chicago, IL
1855-1860  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Wyllis Catlin
Augusta, GA  1823-c. 1860  Was in the partnership of J. & W. Catlin
with his brother Joel Catlin 1823-1832.  Jeweler.
Samuel Chapin
Lenox, NY  c. 1850-c. 1885  
Daniel B. Castle
Buffalo, NY  1837-1881  Watchmaker and jeweler.  Was a partner
in the firm of Castle & Morrell with Joseph Morrell 1840-1844.
H. Chase & Son
Belfast, ME  c. 1875-1897  Hiram Chase and son Fred T. Chase.
Carrington, Thomas & Co.
Charleston, SC  1872-1920
c. 1880 O.G. Carter Trade Card
Edward E. Cheney
Nashua, NH  c. 1882-c. 1910
William Canfield & Son
Troy, NY  1842-1846
c. 1891 Carter Bros Advertisement
J. Campbell
Boston, MA  c. 1848-1852
William H. Chapman
Norfolk, VA c. 1850 and 1870-1892 and Petersburg, VA 1854-1858
A partner in the firms of McCulley & Chapman 1854-1856, Chapman &
Gale 1876-1891, and Chapman & Jakeman in 1891.
1849 D.B. Castle Advertisement
Campbell & Wyman
Montgomery, AL  1855-1859  John Campbell and Justus Wyman.
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Campbell to Cheney
Campbell to Cheney
Campbell & Church
Triangle, NY  c. 1850