Hess & Culbertson Co.
St. Louis, MO  1883-1986  Founded by George J. Hess and
Stephen D. Culbertson.  Manufacturing jewelers.
Benjamin C. Hoff
Auburn, NY c. 1855 and Syracuse, NY 1857-1868
Hogan & Wade
Cleveland, OH  1867-1869
John F. Hinds
Webster, MA  c. 1840-1894  Jeweler and watchmaker.
James B. Hill
Fayetteville, TN  c. 1855-1890  Jeweler.
Hershfield & Mitchell
Leavenworth, KS  1860-1876
Francis Hodgman
Littleton, NH  1831-c. 1861  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Eli Holden
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1843-1866  Watchmaker.
Samuel Hittel
Detroit, MI  1856-1869  
Watchmaker, jeweler, and gold pen manufacturer.
1891 Hess & Culbertson Ad
E.J. Hill
Elmira, NY  1850s
Augustus H. Hews
Boston, MA  1847-1867  Jeweler.
R. Hills & Brother
Boston, MA  c. 1861-1873  Watchmakers.
Charles T. Hockridge
Madison, NY  c. 1855-1889  Dry goods merchant.
Aaron L. Holder
Lynn, MA  c. 1825-1857  Druggist and silverware dealer.
John O. Holden
Quincy, MA  1858-1890  Jeweler.
Hirschman & Co.
San Francisco, CA  c. 1909-1936  Marion A. Hirschman and
Reginald M. Hirschman, jewelers.
Herschfield to Hollister
Herschfield to Hollister
Hixson & Lyke
Lockport, NY  c. 1874-1882  Jewelers.
Herman Hewett
Taunton, MA  c. 1857-1861, Bridgewater, MA
1861-1863, and North Bridgewater, MA 1863-1885
Darius L. Hildreth
Newport Center, CT 1856-1868 and again 1873-c. 1880
and North Troy, VT 1868-1873
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Julius H. Hollister
Greenfield, MA  1844-1896  Jeweler.
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