Special Metal
See Homan Manufacturing Co.
W.D. Smith Silver Co.
Chicago, IL  1913-1935
Stevens Silver Co.
Portland, ME  1893-1899  
Succeeded by the Colonial Silver Co.
Southington Cutlery Co.
Southington, CT  1886-1892  
Succeeded by the Southington Silver Plate Co.
E.H.H. Smith Silver Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
flatware patterns.
Lawrence B. Smith Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
Superior Silver Co. / Superior Silver Plate Co.
Trademarks of the Middletown Plate Co.
S. Sternau & Co.
Brooklyn, NY and New York, NY  1887-c. 1920  
Primarily known as chafing dish and tea kettle
makers; best remembered for where the brand
name Sterno originated.
Theodore B. Starr
Listed under Silversmiths.
Stratford Plate / Stratford Silver Co. / Stratford Silver Plate Co.
Initially trademarks of Holmes & Edwards for their inexpensive
line of flatware, the trademarks became part of International
Silver in 1898.  See
flatware patterns.
Smith & Feltman
Albany, NY  1849-1853  Succeeded by Smith & Co.
A trademark of Gorham.
Standard Silver Co. of Toronto
Toronto, ON  1893-1931  
Became part of International
Silver in 1912.
Sterling Plate B
A trademark of the Bristol Brass & Clock Co.
flatware patterns.
James H. Stimpson
Baltimore, MD  1851-1868
R. Strickland & Co.
Albany, NY  1857-1884
flatware patterns.
St. Louis to Simpson
Smith to Superior
Smith to Superior
St. Louis to Simpson
Smith to Superior
Smith to Superior
Star Cutlery Co.
Newark, NJ  1897-1950s  A division of the Elgin-American Manufacturing Co.
Solid Yukon Silver
A trademark of the Raymond Mfg. Co. of  Muncie, IN.
In business c. 1900 - 1920  See
flatware patterns.
Springfield Silver Plate Co.
Springfield, MA  1868-1872
Standard Silver Ware Co.
Boston, MA  c. 1884-1921
flatware patterns.
Stevens, Woodman & Co.
Portland, ME  1890-1893
Succeeded by the Woodman-Cook Co.
1912 S. Sternau & Co. Ad
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Studio Silversmiths
Hawthorne, NJ  1950-c. 1980
Stevens, Smart & Dunham
Portland, ME  1883-1887