John Campbell
Fayetteville, NC 1827-1836 and Nashville, TN 1836-1855; and
Montgomery, AL 1855-1860  
Was in a number of partnerships:
Selph & Campbell with John Selph 1827-1829.
Campbell & Prior with Warren Prior 1834-1836.
With John Peabody 1836-1837.
Campbell & Stevens 1849-1850
Campbell & Donigan with George Washington Donigan 1853-1855
Campbell Metcalf Silver Co.
Providence, RI  1892-1898
Founded by Ernest W. Campbell and Joseph M.
Metcalf.  Makers of sterling flatware and souvenir
spoons.  See
flatware patterns.
Thomas G. Calvert
Lexington, KY  1852-1899  
Was in the partnership of Calvert & Burnet with Benjamin L. Burnet
1855-1857.  Stopped silversmithing in 1857, but continued to retail
silver made by others and stamp these wares with his mark until 1899.
William Henry Calhoun / W.H. Calhoun & Co.
Nashville, TN  1835-1865  
Was in partnership with J. Flowers as Calhoun & Flowers
1840-1844.  Went by W.H. Calhoun & Co. 1855-1865.
James E. Caldwell / J.E. Caldwell & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1839-2009
James Emmett Caldwell worked independently 1839-1843.  
He entered into partnership with James M. Bennett by the name
of Bennett & Caldwell 1843-1848.  Started J.E. Caldwell & Co. in
1848, taking on John C. Farr as a partner  Silver manufacturing ceased
around 1860.  
Canfield, Bro. & Co.
Baltimore, MD  1845-1881  
Ira Canfield, William Canfield and J.R. Arminger.  
Succeeded by Welsh & Bro.
Thomas Boyle Campbell
Winchester, VA  1821-1858  
Was in the partnerships of Meredith & Campbell with James Meredith 1823-1824
and Campbell & Polk with Robert I.W. Polk 1850-1856.
R. & A. Campbell
Baltimore, MD  1835-1854  
Robert and Andrew Campbell.
Canfield & Bro.
Baltimore, MD  c. 1835-1845
A partnership between Ira C. Canfield, William Canfield, and
Jared Canfield.  Succeeded by Canfield, Bro. & Co.
George Reid Calhoun / G.R. Calhoun & Co.
Nashville, TN  1847-1903  
Worked with his brother William H. Calhoun.  Upon his brother's death in
1865, he continued as G.R. Calhoun & Co. until his own death in 1903.
Cann & Dunn
New York, NY  c. 1855-1857  
John Cann and David Dunn.
Campbell & Donigan
Nashville, TN  1853-1855  
John Campbell and George Washington Donigan.  
Silversmiths and watchmakers.
John W.H. Canoll
Albany, NY  1824-1848
George Cannon (Canon)
Warwick, RI c. 1800-1825 and Nantucket, MA 1825-1835
1894 Campbell-Metcalf Ad - Eton Pattern
Campbell & Polk
Winchester, VA  1850-1856
Thomas Campbell and Robert I.W. Polk.
Lewis Burton Candee / L.B. Candee & Co.
Woodbury, CT 1826-c. 1835  
Was in the partnerships of Curtiss, Candee & Co. 1826-1831 and
then Curtis, Candee & Stiles 1831-1835.  Worked under the name
L.B. Candee & Co. after 1835.
Canada Manufacturing Co.
Montreal, QU, Canada  1890s
Cain to Canoll
William L. Campbell
Winchester, VA  1810-1815
Caney & Bradley
Batavia, NY  1887-1898
Aston W. Caney and C.C. Bradley.  Succeeded by C.C. Bradley & Co.
Thomas Cain
Petersburg, VA 1806-1807; Raleigh, NC 1807; Knoxville, TN 1809-1813; and
Huntsville, AL 1816-1856
Was involved in a number of short lived partnerships:
Garner & Gain with John Garner in 1809.
T. & C. Cain with brother Claiborne 1812-1813.
T. & J. Cain with brother James 1816-1819.
Cain & Fisher with Charles F. Fisher in 1844.
1870 Geo. R. Calhoun & Co. Ad
Cain to Canoll
Samuel Canfield  (1756-1814)
Middletown, CT 1780-1799; Lansingburgh, NY 1801;
New York, NY  c. 1805; and Scanticoke, NY  c. 1807.  
In the partnerships of Canfield & Foote c. 1795-1796
and Canfield & Hall in 1805.
Robert Campbell
Baltimore, MD  1818-1835  
In the partnerships of:
Richards & Campbell with John R. Richards in 1819.
Montgomery & Campbell with Andrew Montgomery 1820-1822.
R. & A. Campbell with Andrew Campbell 1835-1854.
R. Campbell & Sons 1856-1859.
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Robert Ely Campbell
Ravena, OH  1826-c. 1855
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