William L. deMatteo
Williamsburg, VA and Alexandria, VA  1923-1988  
Son of William G. deMatteo and maker of handwrought Arts & Crafts
and antique reproduction flatware and holloware.  Was the master
silversmith at the Colonial Williamsburg Restoration in Virginia.  
Co-founded Hand & Hammer Silversmiths in 1979.
Deitsch Bros.
New York, NY  1889-1929  
Primarily leather goods manufacturers.  Made of sterling novelties and mounts
for items such as crystal vases and leather wallets.
E.L. Deacon Jewelry Co.
Denver, CO  c. 1900-1912  
Eugene L. Deacon.  Makers of sterling souvenir spoons.
Andrew Demilt
New York, NY  c. 1800
Dennis & Fitch
Troy, NY  1835-1839  
Stephen A. Dennis and Dennis M. Fitch.
I.N. Deitsch
New York, NY  1904-1915  
Makers of sterling novelties.
Aaron Lufkin Dennison / A.L. Dennison & Co.
Boston, MA  1839-1849
Was in the partnership of Dennis & Adams 1839-1843 then
Dennison, Adams & Co. 1843-1846.  Was in the partnership of
A.L. Dennison & Co. with Nathan Foster 1846-1849.  Continued
after 1849 in the watch manufacturing business.
William G. deMatteo
Bergenfeld, NJ  1919-1968  
Maker of handwrought sterling holloware in the Arts & Crafts style.
Jabez Delano
New Bedford, MA  c. 1784
DeForest & Co.
New York, NY  1827-1828
William C. Defriez (Defrees)
St. Louis, MO  1849-1883
Was a partner in the firm of Monroe & Defriez with James F. Monroe
Jean Noel DeLarue
New Orleans, LA  1802-1842
Dennison, Adams & Co.
Boston, MA  1843-1846
Aaron L. Dennison, George E. Adams and John Casey Farnsworth.
1899 Deitsch Bros. Ad
Sidney B. Day
Macon, GA  1847-1860
Emily A. Day
Mid-20th century silversmith.  Jewelry and small items in the modernist style.
John Day
Boston, MA  1820-1825
Henry Dennery
New York, NY  c. 1819
Eliphalet W. Dennison
Bangor, ME  1842-1847; Boston, MA c. 1855; Newton, MA c. 1860
Was a partner in the firm of Thompkins & Dennison 1844-1847.
William De Hart
New York  Late 1940s-1950s  
Silversmith and modernist jeweler.
Benjamin & Samuel Demilt
New York, NY  1820-1835
The mark shown is from a spoon retailed by the firm.
Thomas Aspinwall Davis
Boston, MA  1824-1845  
Was in the partnership of Davis & Morong with Thomas N. Morong in 1820.  
Was in the firm of Palmer, Davis & Co. with Julius Palmer and Josiah Bachelder
1837-1845.   Served as Mayor of Boston in 1845.
Samuel Davis  
Boston, MA 1807-1842
Was involved with several partnerships:  
Davis & Brown 1810-1814 and again in 1820.
Davis & Watson in 1815.
Davis, Brown & Co c. 1816-1818.
Davis, Watson & Co. c. 1822-1825
Charles Davison (Davidson)
Norwich, CT  1803-1805
Davis to Dennison
Davis to Dennison
Dennison & Adams
Boston, MA  1839-1843
Aaron L. Dennison and George E. Adams.
T.A. Davis & Co.
Boston, MA  1835
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