Julius Hollister
Hartford, CT 1841-1846; Oswego, NY 1846 and 1850-1905; and
Greenfield, MA 1849  
Was in the partnership of Seymour & Hollister 1842-1846.
Littleton Holland
Baltimore, MD  1800-1847
San Angelo, TX  1918-Present  
Founded by Chase Holland.  Makers of sterling western accessories and jewelry.
Hodgson, Kennard & Co.
Magnolia, MA  1896-1940s
Edgar W. Hodson and Arthur Wood Kennard.  Advertised in the 1920s as
jewelers and silversmiths; they retailed many silver items made by others.
Emmanuel Holsey
Williamsport, MD 1820-1821, Boonsboro, MD 1821-1822, and
Chambersburg, PA 1823-1839
The Holmes & Edwards Silver Co.
Bridgeport, CT 1882-1831 and Meriden, CT 1931-c. 1970
Founded in 1882 by George C. Edwards and Israel Holmes.
Primarily makers of silverplated flatware and holloware, they
did make some sterling flatware.  Became a part of International
Silver in 1898 who continued to produce silver under the Holmes &
Edwards name until about 1970.
Adrian Bancker Holmes, Jr.  (b. 1846)
Newark, NJ c. 1867-1889 and Oragne, NJ 1888-1890 (overlap)
Partnered with James S. Holmes in the firm of A.B. & J.S. Holmes 1886-1889.
Adrian Bancker Holmes
New York, NY  1801-1850
1895 Holmes & Edwards AD
Edward Hoell
Washington, NC 1819-1830 and Greenville, NC 1830-1847
Traveling silversmith working in various towns around Greenville.
George E. Homer
Boston, MA  1875-1990
Jeweler; maker of sterling and silverplated souvenir spoons.
Hood & Tobey
Albany, NY  1845-1854  
A partnership between Benjamin Lochlin Hood and
Edward M. Tobey.
Moses Kimball Holt
Haverhill, MA  1840-1848
Harry Hibbard Holton
Wells River, VT  c. 1849-c. 1888  
Went into partnership with his son Harry A. Holton as Harry Holton & Son
1880-c. 1888.
William Hookey
Newport, RI  c. 1764-c. 1799
Hodgson to Hookey
John M. Holloway
Baltimore, MD  1850-1858  
Frederick Hoffman (Hoffmann)
Philadelphia, PA  1816-1861
Was a partner in the firm of Bard & Hoffman 1837-1838.
John Holden
Quincy, MA 1820-1833 and 1842-1858; Castleton, VT c. 1833;
and Springfield, VT c. 1835-1841
William Homes, Sr. (Holmes)  (b. 1717  d. 1783)
Boston, MA  1739-1783
James H. Hoes
Milwaukee, WI 1856-1859, 1868-1880 and Chicago, IL 1859-1867
Was in numerous partnerships:
Loomis & Hoes with Lucius L. Loomis 1855-1857.
Matson, Loomis & Hoes 1857-1859.
Hoard & Hoes with Samuel H. Hoard 1859-1862.
James H. Hoes & Co. 1862-1863 and again c. 1872.
Matson & Hoes with Newell Matson 1864-1867.
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Hodgson to Hookey
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Benjamin L. Hood
Rochester, NY 1841; Buffalo, NY 1842-1844; Albany, NY 1845-1890
Silversmith and jeweler.  Was in the partnerships of Hood & Tobey in
Albany, NY 1845-1854 and Hood & Bro. with Henry O. Hood c. 1870-1871.
Henry Ralph Holman
Cincinnati, OH c. 1855-1857; Kansas City, MO 1859-1870;
Denver, CO 1875-1883; and Sioux City, IA 1895-1912