Jacob Jennings (b. 1739 d. 1817)
Norwalk, CT  1763-1810  
Master to Isaac Marquand.
Jennings Silver Co.
Newark, NJ  1906-1907 and Irvington, NJ  1908-1943  
Makers of silverplated wares and a small amount of sterling flatware.
Johnson & Ball
Baltimore, MD  1785-1790  
A partnership between Israel Johnson and William Ball.
Johnson & Reat
Richmond, VA  1804-1815  
A partnership between Reuben Johnson and James Reat, ending upon
the death of Reat in 1815.
Johnson & Godley
Albany, NY  1842-1849  
A partnership between Samuel Johnson and Richard Godley.
Georg Jensen, Inc. USA
New York, NY  1941-1950  
The famous Danish company, which began in 1904 in Copenhagen,
opened a branch in the U.S. as a result of silver being unavailable in
Europe during WWII.  
Jennings & Lander
New York, NY  1846-1853  
Oscar Jennings and Tobias D. Lander.
1957 Georg Jensen New York Ad
Lewis E. Jenks
Boston, MA  1874-1885  
Succeeded by Kennard & Jenks.
Jenkins & Jenkins
Baltimore, MD  1809-1923  
Successors to Jacobi & Jenkins and continued to use their tower mark.  
Acquired by Schofield in 1915.  Makers of sterling flatware and holloware.
John Charles Jenckes
Providence, RI  1798-1852
A partner in the business of Jenckes & Co. with
Elizabeth Gibbs, widow of silversmith John Gibbs,
which ended in 1800.  Jenckes continued as John
Jenckes & Co. c. 1815-1852.  Silversmith and jeweler.
Harman Jenkins
Albany, NY  1815-1823  
Was in the partnership of I. & H. Jenkins 1815-1816.
Ira Jenkins
Albany, NY  1813-1816  
Was a partner in the firm of I. & H. Jenkins with Herman Jenkins 1815-1816.
Jenckes to Johnson
Jenckes to Johnson
S.C. & J.S. Jett
St. Louis, MO  c. 1848-1860
Cousins Stephen C. and John S. Jett.
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Steven C. Jett
Alton, IL 1846-1847 and St. Louis, MO 1848-1860  
Was in the partnership of S.C. & J.S. Jett with
his cousin John S. Jett.