Samuel Johnson
New York, NY  c. 1780-1796
Maycock Ward Johnson
Albany, NY  c. 1815-1816
Chauncey Johnson
Albany, NY  c. 1824-1841  
In the partnership of C.& A.W. Johnson 1831-1838.
C. & A.W. Johnson
Albany, NY  1831-1838  
Chauncey Johnson and Alonzo Johnson.
George C. Johnston
Frederick, MD  1852-1863
Arthur Johnston
Hagerstown, MD  1804-1846
J.H. Johnston & Co.
New York, NY  c. 1892-c. 1909  
Makers of sterling novelties, souvenir spoons and jewelry.
Edmund J. Johnston
Macon, GA  1845-c. 1870  
Was in the partnership of W.B. Johnston & Brother with his brother
William B. Johnston 1845-1849 and E.J. Johnston & Co. c. 1854-1865.
William Johonnot  (b. 1779  d. 1838)
Windsor, VT  c. 1806-c. 1820  
In the partnership of William & William Johonnot with
William B. Johonnot c. 1806.
Johonnot & Smith
Windsor, VT  c. 1815  
William B. Johonnot and Richard Ransom Smith.
Jones, Ball & Poor
Boston, MA  1846-1853  
Founded by George B. Jones, True M. Ball and Nathaniel C. Poor.  
Became Jones, Ball & Co. in 1853.  
Jones, Ball & Co.
Boston, MA  1853-1855  
Successor to Jones, Ball & Poor.  Precursor to
Shreve, Crump & Low.
Jones, Shreve, Brown & Co.
Boston, MA  1855-1858  
Precursor to Shreve, Brown & Co.
Jones, Lows & Ball
Boston, MA  1835-1841  
Partnership of John Belknap Jones, Frances Low, John J. Low,
and Samuel Ball.
Jones & Hutton
Wilmington, DE  c. 1843  
Philip Jones and Samuel Hutton.
Johnson to Jones
Johnson to Jones
1892 J.H. Johnston Ad
Robert Johnston (Johnson)
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1823-1862
Johnston & Crowley
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1828-1833
Robert Johnston and C. Crowley.
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Johnston & Boullt
Hagerstown, MD  1846-1851  William Johnston and Thomas A.
Boullt, watchmakers, clockmakers and jewelers.