Roswell Walstein Roath
Norwich, CT 1826-1849; New York, NY c. 1831;
Chicago, IL  1856-1860; and Denver, CO  1860-c. 1871  
Silversmith and jeweler.
Charles M. Robbins / The Robbins Co.
Attleboro, MA  1892-c. 1985  
Became The Robbins Co. in 1912.  Makers of sterling souvenir
forks and spoons and jewelry.
Hannah Robinson
Wilmington, DE  1845-1878  
Woman silversmith.  The mark to the right is believed to be
her retailer's mark.  Robinson's maker's mark is an incuse
H. Robinson in a rectangle.
John Foulk Robinson
Wilmington, DE  1842-1867
Edward Rockwell
New York, NY  1803-1847  
Was in the partnership of E. & S.S. Rockwell with
Samuel Strong Rockwell 1815-1847.
Samuel D. Rockwell
New York, NY 1834-1845 and Yonkers, NY 1845-1855
Benjamin Robinson
Philadelphia, PA  1818-1844
James Roe
Kingston, NY  c. 1770
S. & E. Roberts
Trenton, NJ  1844-c. 1882
Brothers Samuel and Edmund Roberts.
John Rockwell
Lansingburg, NY  c. 1787-1795
Was a partner in the firm of Yates & Rockwell c. 1787-1788 and then
Rockwell, Smith & Whitney with David Smith and Henry Whitney c. 1788-1789.
William F. Robinson
Philadelphia, PA 1835 and Wilmington, DE c. 1841-1849
Rockwell Silver Co.
Meriden, CT  1907-1978  
Merged with the Silver City Glass Co. to form Decorex Industries.  
Makers of sterling holloware and silver overlay items.
1908 Charles M. Robbins Co. Ad
Roach to Roehm
Roach to Roehm
Leopold S. Rocquet
New Orleans, LA  1827-1841
1966 Rockwell Silver Co. Catalog
Robbins, Clark & Biddle
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1870-1876  
Joined with Bailey & Co. to become Bailey, Banks & Biddle.
c. 1875 Robbins, Clark & Biddle Trade Card
Roehm & Wright
Detroit, MI  1872-1886  
Founded by J.F. Roehm and Henry W. Wright.  
Manufacturing jewelers.
c. 1885 Roehm & Wright Advertising Postcard
Ruth Roach
Plainfield, IA c. 1950-1969 and Naples, FL 1969-1979
Studio jeweler.
O. Robinson
New Haven, CT  c. 1800
Samuel Roberts
Trenton, NJ  1832-c. 1883
Was in the partnership of S. & E. Roberts 1844-c. 1882.
Anthony W. Robinson
Trenton, NJ  1788-1795 and Philadelphia, PA 1796-1802
Was a partner in the firm of Dikenson & Robinson 1796-1798.
Edwin Morrison Roberts
East Hartford, CT  c. 1845-1890  
Had the business of E.M. Roberts & Co. 1860-1879.  Was in the partnership
of E.M. Roberts & Son with Joseph Roberts and Wallace Kenyon 1880-1890.  
Silversmith and silverplate manufacaturer.
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William Roe
Albany, NY 1776; Kingston, NY 1776-1800;
Troy, NY 1805-1825; New York, NY 1826-1830
In the partnership of Roe & Stollenwerck c. 1800.