Welsh & Bro.
Baltimore, MD  1887-1910  
Made sterling holloware; retailed flatware.
Alfred Welles
Hebron, CT 1804-1806 and Boston, MA 1806-1830  
In the partnership of A. & G. Welles with his brother George I.
Welles 1806-1811 and later Welles & Gelston with Hugh
Gelston.  Served as a general in the War of 1812.
Leonard Talcott Welles / L.T. Welles & Co.
Hartford, CT  c. 1836-1875
In the partnership of Welles & Strong with Charles C. Strong
1840-1841 and 1843-1845.  In the partnership of L.T. Welles & Co.
with W. Welles 1841-1857.  It appears he continued with the name
of L.T. Welles & Co. 1858-1875 but without W. Welles.  Silversmith,
jeweler and watchmaker.
George W. Welsh
New York, NY  1844-1876
Wendell Mfg. Co.
Chicago, IL  1890-1900
Originally formed in 1885 by Maurice Wendell as
Wendell & Co., manufacturing jewelers, the Wendell
Mfg. Co. was formed in 1890 to focus on the production
of sterling flatware and holloware.  Acquired some Mauser
dies in late 1890s.  See
flatware patterns.
John R. Wendt & Co.
New York, NY  1855-1870  
Makers of a small line of coin and sterling flatware and holloware, highly
sought after today.  Wendt flatware often contains only the retailer's mark.  
Dies were sold to Adams & Shaw; the remainder of the business was sold to
Whiting Mfg. Co.  See
flatware patterns.
Bernard Wenman
New York, NY   c. 1789-1833
A. & G. Welles
Boston, MA  1806-1811  
Alfred and George Welles.
Cyrus King Wentworth / Wentworth & Co.
Boston, MA  Before 1840; Milledgeville, GA 1840-1844; and
Macon, GA 1844-1847
Welles & Gelston
Boston, MA  1826-1827
Alfred Welles and Hugh Gelston.
Charles Wendell
Chicago, IL  1860-1879
Was in the partnerships of Wendell & Hyman 1866-1875, Charles Wendell & Co.
1875-1879, and Charles Wendell & Sons in 1879.
Daniel Ivy Wells
Bolivar, TN  1833-1874
George I. Welles
Boston, MA  1806-1821
A partner in the businesses of A. & G. Welles with his brother
Alfred Welles 1806-1811 and Welles & Co. with Hugh Gelston 1816-1821.
Weiss to Wentworth
Weiss to Wentworth
D.A. Wells
Medina, OH  c. 1833
John Welch
Fincastle, VA  c. 1811-1827
Silversmith and clockmaker.  Was in the partnership of
Welch & Aunspaugh with Charles Aunspaugh c. 1822-1827.
Jedediah Weiss
Bethlehem, PA  1815-1865
Weizenegger Bros.
Newark, NJ  1909-1922
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