Bird-Back Spoon:  A type of fancy-back spoon with the depiction of a bird on the back of the
Beading:  A decorative motif in the form of a continuous row of small relief half
rounds resembling beads.
Base Metal:  An alloy of non-precious metals used as a base for electroplating.
Backstamp:  The additional retailer’s mark on the back of an item of silver in addition to the maker’s mark.
Bachelor Teapot:  A type of small teapot with the capacity to serve only one person.
Bobeche:  A wide rimmed collar which fits around the socket of a candlestick and is
designed to catch wax drippings.
Bail Handle:  A swiveling or fixed overhead handle.
Beaker:  A cylindrical type of drinking vessel with a flat bottom and sides which taper outward
and a rim that flares outward, either slightly or in an exaggerated manner.
Billet:  See Thumbpiece.
Ball Foot:  A foot of an item shaped as a simple spherical ball.
Basse-Taille:  A type of enameling where translucent enamel is applied over a metal surface that has been
textured.  The metal background can be seen through the enamel, and dramatizes the play of light upon the
design.  Developed in Italy in the early 13th century.
Bevel:  The general term for any edge cut at an angle upon a flat surface.
Baltimore Assay Marks:  Hallmarks given to silver items made in Baltimore, MD, from
1814 to 1830.  See
here for more detailed information.
Bleeding:  The term used for areas on pieces of silverplate where plating has worn
away and the base metal is exposed.
Bin Label:  A plaque used to indicate the contents of a wine cellar.
Bengal Silver:  A trade name used by Daniel & Arter Globe Nevada Silver
Works of Birmingham, England, given to wares made of silver-colored alloys.
Has no silver content.
Black Jack:  A tankard shaped drinking vessel made of stiff leather, usually mounted with a
silver rim and base.
Bodkin:  A blunt needle for threading ribbon or cord through fabric.
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