Guilloche:  An ornamental border composed of two or more bands or ribbons twisted one over the other.
Gilding:  The process of covering the surface silver with a thin layer of gold.
German Silver:  A white alloy of nickel, copper and zinc.  The same as nickel
silver.  Originated in Germany in the 19th century.  Has no silver content
Gauge:  The measure of thickness of sheet metal or the measure of diameter of wire.
Gallery:  A raised vertical rim around an article, such as a wine coaster or tray, decorated
with piercework.
Gadroon:  An ornamental border consisting of continuing narrow, panels
either vertical or slanting.
Gold Wash:  Items that have a very thin electroplating of gold.  Often wears away quickly because it is so thin.
Goldsmith:  The term applied without distinction to a craftsman who works in gold or silver.
Gold Electroplate:  Articles made of a non-precious metal onto which pure gold is deposited by the process of
Grotesque:  A type of ornamentation using fantastic or monstrous human or
animal figures.
Grey Finish:  See Butler Finish.
Greek Key:  A style of classic ornamental decoration in the shape of
interlocking L's.
Goblet:  A drinking vessel with a stem and a foot, and without a handle.
Gravy Boat / Sauce Boat:  An elongated pitcher for serving gravy or sauces.  Shown in the
photo with a matching underplate.
Graver:  The tool used to engrave silver.
Glove Darner:  A sewing tool used to mend gloves.
Griffin:  From classical mythology, a creature having the head and wings
of an eagle and the body of a lion.
Gorget:  Originally a piece of armor worn to protect the throat against swords and
other weapons.  By the 18th century the gorget had become primarily ornamental,
used as an accessory to military uniforms.
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Green Gold:  An alloy of gold and silver.
Guild:  An association of people belonging to a particular craft or trade.
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