Intaglio Mark:  A maker's mark where the area surrounding the mark's letters (or
symbols) is stamped into the metal, leaving the letters at an even level with the surface,
but giving the appearance they are raised above it.
Indian Silver:  A trade name used by Daniel & Arter Globe Nevada Silver Works of Birmingham, England, given to
wares made of silver-colored alloys.  Has no silver content.
Incuse Mark:  A maker's mark consisting of individual letters or symbols that are stamped
into the surface of the metal.
Incuse:  A mark impressed or hammered below the surface of the metal.
Import Mark:  A mark stamped onto a foreign silver item at the time of importation into Britain.
Ice Bucket / Ice Pail:  A receptacle for holding pieces of ice.  Ice is served from the bucket with ice
tongs or an ice spoon.
Inscription:  Writing on a piece of silver to record an event, owner’s name,
commemorative dates, etc.
Ingot:  A block of silver or other precious metal cast into a rectangular shape for
transport and storage and later to be remelted.
Insulator:  A heat resisting substance, such as ivory or wood, inserted between the handle
and the body of such articles as tea pots, kettles, etc.  
Inscription Plate:  A small plate affixed to an item that is intended for engraving with an inscription, monogram,
Inkwell:  A receptacle for holding writing ink into which a pen is dipped.
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