Knurling:  An ornament cut originally into steel rolls and then impressed from these rolls into the silver as borders
on bowls, dishes, etc.  Used on lesser expensive items instead of applying more costly mounts.
Knife Rest:  The knife rest is an accoutrement to the carving set and occasionally was
made as part of a flatware service.  Used to support the carving fork and knife after
carving so the soiled utensils do not rest on the table.
Knife Box:  An upright box, usually made of wood, with a sloped lid containing slots on the inside
for accommodating knives and sometimes flatware.
Kitchen:  A type of tea urn with a spigot or tap and a means for keeping the liquid warm.
Karat:  The measure of the purity of gold.  Pure gold is 24 karat.  Pure gold alloyed with 50% other metals is
12 karat.
Knop:  An ornamental knob.
Kettle on Stand:  As the name implies, a tea kettle with accompanying stand.  There is an area in
the base for a spirit lamp to heat the water in the kettle.
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