Nutmeg Grater:  When drinking spiced rum punches were all the rage, around 1780 to 1840,
no well heeled host would be caught without his personal nutmeg grater.  The graters are
basically a small box with a lid with a grating area just underneath the lid, and were made in
an aesthetic array of pleasing shapes and styles.
Native Silver:  Silver metal (as opposed to ore) found occurring naturally.
Napkin Ring:  A circular band used to hold a rolled or folded napkin.  May be plain or
highly decorative, such as the figural ring in the photo.
Napkin Clip:  An item in the form of a clip used for the same purpose as a napkin ring.
Nickel Silver:  A composition of copper, nickel and zinc.  Has no silver content.
Niello:  A black granular compound of copper, silver and lead used to fill
decorated and engraved areas to enhance the details.  It metal is then heated
until the compound fuses to it, and any excess is polished away.
Noble Metals:  Gold, silver, and platinum are known as noble metals.  Also called precious metal.
Nozzle:  The top portion of a candlestick into which a candle is inserted.
Neck Ring:  A collar-type ring for adorning the neck of a decanter and engraved to indicate the decanter's contents.
Nipple Shield:  An artificial nipple used by a mother while feeding her baby.  Originating back to
the 1500s, these shields were used when babies had difficulty or the mother suffered discomfort
while her baby is suckling.
Nevada Silver:  A trade name used by Daniel & Arter Globe Nevada
Silver Works of Birmingham, England, given to wares made of silver-
colored alloys.  Has no silver content.
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