Sugar Chopper:  An obsolete utensil with a blade used to chop bits of sugar off of the cone or loaf.
Spork:  The name given to a utensil that is a combination spoon and fork.  Common
in fast food restaurants.  Sterling manufacturers have yet to market anything by the
name of a spork, but they look very much like an ice cream fork.
Strapwork:  A form of decoration that resembles strips of leather.
Sterling Silver:  An alloy of 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% other metals,
usually copper, for strength and durability.  The proportion is commonly
referred to as 925/1000 (925 parts pure silver in every 1000 parts) – this
proportion is fixed by law.
Sterling Inlaid:  See Silver Inlaid.
Stamping:  A relief ornament produced by hammering the metal from the back by means of presses and dies.
Stainless Steel:  An alloy composed mainly of iron, nickel, and chromium having generally greater strength than
ordinary steel and possessing unusually high resistance to corrosion, tarnish or stain.
Spoon Warmer:  A utensil used to keep the bowls of serving spoons warm at the dinner table.  Hot
water would be put into the warmer, and serving spoons would be set onto the warmer's opening
and left to sit in the hot water until needed.
Sugar Scuttle:  An open scuttle shaped item used in the same fashion as one would use a sugar
bowl.  Usually is accompanied by a sugar scoop.
Stippled:  Marked with little dots all over the surface.
Standing Cup:  The English term for a goblet.
Sucket Fork:  A type of implement with a spoon on one end of a handle and a fork on the other end.  Now obsolete,
sucket forks were used primarily in the 17th and early 18th centuries to eat succade (preserved fruit).
Stopper:  A piece that fits into the neck of a decanter, usually decorated to match the container.
Sugar Box:  A lidded box for holding and/or serving sugar.
Sweetmeat Dish:  A compartmentalized dish for serving dry sweetmeats (chocolates, dry or candied fruits, nuts,
Stirrup Cup:  A small cup for holding a drink while mounted on horseback ("in the stirrups"),
usually prior to a hunt, with an animal motif on the end making it impractical to set down.
Spoon Tray:  An oblong tray for holding teaspoons, used during the tea service.
Standard Silver:  See Coin Silver.
Spoon Rack:  A standing rack onto which spoons are suspended.  Used primarily during breakfast
and tea, when extra spoons are usually needed.
Swage:  A tool used by silversmiths for decorating or shaping objects.
Spout Strainer:  A pierced small bowl used to strain tea leaves from the teapot.  The
strainer is affixed to the pot by inserting the pins inside the spout, allowing the strainer
to swing freely as tea is being poured.
Sonora Silver:  A trade name used by Walker & Hall of Sheffield, England, given to wares made of nickel silver.  
Has no silver content.
Souvenir Spoon:  A spoon or other article of flatware that commemorates a place, person,
event, etc.  See
Souvenir Flatware in the U.S. for historical information.
Spinning:  A method of forming or shaping pieces of silver hollowware on a lathe over a wooden form.  Using tools,
the silver is spread over the rotating form until the desired shape is achieved.
Soldering:  A low heat form of brazing, used for joining low temperature base metals such as pewter.
Slop Bowl:  See Waste Bowl.
Spirit Burner:  A container which is filled with denature alcohol or other fuel which is
then ignited and placed under a tea kettle, chafing dish, etc. to keep food warm.
Strainer Drip Cup:  A pivoting strainer suspended over a base with raised sides.  
Used with the tea service when loose leaf tea is in the pot.  Tea is poured from the
pot, through the strainer, and into a cup.  The piece is then set on the table so the
pan below can catch the drips from the wet tea leaves above, keeping the tablecloth
Spooner:  A vessel for holding extra spoons; used for the same purpose as a spoon rack.
Snuff Box:  A small box with hinged lid used for holding snuff, a powdered tobacco product.
Snuff Mull:  A type of snuff box originating in Scotland, usually made of horn, bone, or wood
and often having silver mounts.
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