William Adriance & Co.
Natchez, MS  1834-1841
Thomas F. Albright
Philadelphia, PA  1835-1847  Clock and watchmaker.
Abraham & Straus
Brooklyn, NY  1893-1995  Successor to Wechsler & Abraham (1865-1893).  
Always having close ties to Macy's Department Stores, Abraham & Straus
became part of Macy's in 1995.
James Allan / James Allan & Co.
Charleston, SC  1865-1908
Founded James Allan & Co. c. 1885 which continued in
business until 1943.
Adler & Myers
Albany, NY  1857-1862  Manufacturing jewelers.
M.B. Allebach & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1860-1862
Mahlon B. Allebach and David D. Lewis.
Joseph R. Albertson
New York, NY  c. 1845-1849 and Cleveland, OH  1849-1858
Addison Bros.
Chelsea, MA  c. 1872-1930
W.A. Aicher
Pomeroy, OH c. 1857-1900
Charles E. Allen
Lancaster, NH  c. 1855-1875  Jeweler.
Allen & Wadsworth
Keene, NH  c. 1865-1873  Francis E. Allen and Samuel Wadsworth.
Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
Headquartered in New Albany, OH.  Department store and clothier.
Alden Brothers
Waterville, ME  1867-1910  Arthur J. and Chaarles H. Alden.
Watchmakers and jewelers.
Arthur J. Alden
Waterville, ME  Worked independently 1860-1867 at which time
his brother, Charles A. Alden, joined him to form Alden Brothers
and lasted until the brothers' retirement in 1910.
Abbey to Allison
Aiken & Coon
Cleveland, OH  1853-1857
Charles G. Aiken and Jeremiah Coon.
Wholesale and retail jewelers.
John H. Allison
Detroit, MI c. 1850-1863 and Elkhart, IN 1885-1895
Watchmaker and jeweler.
Allison & Bedford
Ionia, MI  1872-1877  Charles S. Allison and Robert H. Bedford.
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Abbey to Allison
Albaugh & Pickering
Columbus, OH  1905-1911
Edwin S. Albaugh and Thomas O. Pickering.  Jewelers.
Henry S. Abbey
Akron, OH  1835-1873
Had a branch store in Galesburg, IL in the 1860s.
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