Lyman C. Bailey
Calais, ME  1860-1890
Barrett & Sherwood
San Francisco, CA  1850-1897  Jewelers.
Charles Wyllis Baldwin
New Britain, CT and Berlin, CT  1831-1856
Barney & Valentine
Syracuse, NY  1852-c. 1859
Charles Edmund Bacon
Dover, NH  1855-1894  Jeweler and watchmaker.
Bartens & Rice Co.
New York, NY  1875-1900  
Charles F.A. Bartens and Thomas E. Rice.
Frank D. Barnum / F.D. Barnum & Co.
Memphis, TN  1867-1875 and 1883-1885; Louisville, KY 1875-1883
Went under the name F.D. Barnum & Co. 1868-1875 and 1883-1885.
Bailey & Bowers
Springfield, MA  c. 1854-1858
Badger & Dillon
New York, NY  1865-1866
R.A. Baird / R.A. Baird & Co.
Ravenna, OH  1850-1864  Succeeded by Wait Bros.
Was in the partnership of R.A. Baird & Co. 1854-1856
with J. Dewey.
William Barthman Jewelers
New York, NY  1884-Present
Horace E. Baldwin & Co.
New Orleans, LA  1842-1853  Jeweler.
William C. Barnes
Southbridge, MA  1854-1892  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Was in the partnership of Dresser & Barnes 1854-1857.
Baird & Wait
Ravenna, OH  1857-1862
Robert A. Baird and Edwin R. Wait, watchmakers and jewelers.
Joseph F. Bartlett
Clinton, MA  c. 1874-1918
Edwin Barnard
Geneva, NY  c. 1835-1861.  Was a partner in the firm of
Barnard & Van Deren in c. 1850-1861.
James C. Bates
Haverhill, MA  c. 1873-1910  Was in the partnership of L. Kimball & Co.
c. 1873-1879.  Watchmaker and jeweler.
S. & C. Beates
Lancaster, PA  c. 1846
J. Bally & Son
Elmira, NY  1886-1922  Jewelers.
Bailey & Graves
Springfield, MA  1867-1869
Samuel E. Bailey & Samuel D. Graves.
Jean Bach
Hudson, NY  1860-1886
Bach to Beates
c. 1880 James C. Bates Trade Card
Bach to Beates
Benjamin Cyrus Beardsley
Wellsboro, PA  c. 1844-1845; Litchfield, IL c. 1856-1877 and
Wellington and Norwich, KS 1886  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Barnard & Van Deren
Geneva, NY  c. 1850-1861  
E. Barnard and William Clark Van Deren.  Jewelers.
Baldwin & Cowles
Elyria, OH  1834-1839
Seymour W. Baldwin and Orrin Cowles, merchants.
Barber & Dickinson
Canton, NY  c. 1861-1862  Jewelers.
Charles Ball
Poughkeepsie, NY  1840-1848; Sacramento, CA c. 1850;
Marysville, CA  1851 & c. 1860; Chico, CA  1865-1899
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M.M. Baldwin & Co.
San Francisco, CA  1865-1872
Marcus M. Baldwin, jeweler.