Bingham & Walk
Indianapolis, IN  1883-1892  William P. Bingham and
Julius C. Walk.  Successors to Bingham, Walk & Mayhew.
Bixler & Fox
Easton, PA  c. 1870-1873
John Best & Co.
Lexington, KY  c. 1867  Merchant.
William Bixler
Easton, PA  c. 1823-1848  Clock and watchmaker.
George H. Bechtel
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1850-1870  Merchant.  Partnered with
George Eno 1861-1870 in the firm of Bechtel & Eno, silverware
Bennett & Culbert
New York, NY  c. 1852
Charles Bein
Baltimore, MD  c. 1858-1895  Was principal of the
Bein Jewelry Co. 1887-1895.
Chester Billings & Son
New York, NY  1897-1910  Successor to Randel, Baremore & Billings
(1880-1897).  Jewelry and diamond dealers.
William H. Bell
Concord, NH  1867-1897  Jeweler.
G.A. Bittrolff & Co.
Evansville, IN  c. 1872-1880
George A. Bittrolff, jeweler and silver dealer.
Becker & Lathrop
Syracuse, NY  1860-1901  
Founded by James Becker and E. Gilbert Lathrop.
Charles A. Belden
Madison, WI  c. 1856-1883  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Was in the partnership of Cook & Belden c. 1856-1861.
D. Becker & Co.
Syracuse, NY  1849-1860  Daniel Becker, jeweler.  
W. Bell & Co.
Rockville, MD  1950-1991  Founded by Walter Bell.  Operated as a catalog
source for high quality gifts, adding showrooms in 1971.  They sold sterling
holloware under the trade name Warwick and silverplated holloware under
the name Somerset.
Louis J. Belloni
New York, NY  c. 1835-1837
Beers & Pond
Boston, MA  c. 1853-1854  Watchmakers.
Belloni & Durandeau
New York, NY  c. 1835-1836  
Louis J. Belloni and John Durandeau.
William F. Bissing
Baltimore, MD  1860-1910
c. 1870 Charles A. Belden Trade Card
c. 1895 Becker & Lathrop Trade Card
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Bechtel to Bixler
Bechtel to Bixler
Josiah O. Beitel
Nazareth, PA  1833-1870
Bishop & Rein
New York, NY  1860-1872
Victor Bishop and Philip Rein, jewelers.
Bittrolff & Geissler
Evansville, IN  c. 1865  
John A. Bittrolff, Jr. and Philip L. Geissler.
Solomon (Salo) R. Biesenthal
Cincinnati, OH c. 1850-1856 and Louisville, KY  1859-1899  
Watchmaker and jeweler.
George W. Biggs
Pittsburgh, PA  1868-1903  Jeweler.
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