William Blynn
Columbus, OH  1845-1865  Jeweler.
Blake & Robinson
Worcester, MA  1868-1872
Edward Bond
Hartford, CT  1844-1845  Jeweler.
Bliss & Whittemore
New Orleans, LA  1833-1835  
John Bliss and Edwin Whittemore, jewelers.
J. Quincy Blake
Boston, MA  c. 1834-1854  Jeweler.
Victor Bogaert Co. / Bogaert's
Lexington, KY  c. 1910-2013  Jewelry business founded by Victor Bogaert in 1883.
Charles Bond
Boston, MA  1825-1875  Watchmaker.
Bourne & Lewis
New Bedford, MA  c. 1848-1851
Bowler & Burdick Co.
Cleveland, OH  1875-c. 1940s  
Founded by William Bowler and Russell E. Burdick.
Blynn & Baldwin
Columbus, OH  1849-1860  William Blynn and Thomas Scott Baldwin, jewelers.
Boynton & Woodford
Boston, MA  1837-1854  James Boynton and Philip R.
Woodford, jewelers and makers of combs.
John B. Blickle
Rochester, MN  c. 1885-1909  Watchmaker and jeweler.
William Boning
Philadelphia, PA  1843-1865  Manufacturing jeweler.
Boas & Newhard
Harrisburg, PA  1850-1857
Henry S. Bodge
Portsmouth, NH  c. 1860-1869 and New York, NY  1883-1885
E.H. Boardman
Honolulu, HI  1841-1849  
Watchmaker, jeweler, and chronometer maker.
John M. Bonnet, Sr.
Zanesville, OH  1835-1882  Bonnet's business continued to be run under
his name after his death in 1882 until 1900.
Blood & Hix
Rockland, ME  c. 1870-1882  William H. Blood and Thomas W. Hix, Jr.
Blake & Lyon
Baltimore, MD  1846-1848
Bogle Bros.
White River Junction, VT  1880-c. 1935  Founded by brothers Byron L.
and Clarence C. Bogle.  Importers and wholesalers.
H.S. Bodge 1868 Advertisement
Blake to Brattin
Blake to Brattin
Samuel S. Blanchard
Glover, VT  c. 1845-1857  Merchant.
Edwin L. Brainard
Ware, MA  c. 1845-1856
Joseph Bonfanti
New York, NY  c. 1817-1838  Fancy goods merchant.
Alexander R. Brattin
Greencastle, IN  1860-1887; Kansas City, MO c. 1891-1892; and
St. Louis, MO 1893-1897  Opened short-lived branch locations in
Danville and Spencer, IN, in the mid-1880s.
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