William Blynn
Columbus, OH  1845-1865  Jeweler.
Blake & Robinson
Worcester, MA  1868-1872
Edward Bond
Hartford, CT  1844-1845  Jeweler.
Bliss & Whittemore
New Orleans, LA  1833-1835  
John Bliss and Edwin Whittemore, jewelers.
J. Quincy Blake
Boston, MA  c. 1834-1854  Jeweler.
Victor Bogaert Co. / Bogaert's
Lexington, KY  c. 1910-2013  Jewelry business founded by Victor Bogaert in 1883.
Charles Bond
Boston, MA  1825-1875  Watchmaker.
Bourne & Lewis
New Bedford, MA  c. 1848-1851
Bowler & Burdick Co.
Cleveland, OH  1875-c. 1940s  
Founded by William Bowler and Russell E. Burdick.
Blynn & Baldwin
Columbus, OH  1849-1860  William Blynn and Thomas Scott Baldwin, jewelers.
Boynton & Woodford
Boston, MA  1837-1854  James Boynton and Philip R.
Woodford, jewelers and makers of combs.
John B. Blickle
Rochester, MN  c. 1885-1909  Watchmaker and jeweler.
William Boning
Philadelphia, PA  1843-1865  Manufacturing jeweler.
Boas & Newhard
Harrisburg, PA  1850-1857
Henry S. Bodge
Portsmouth, NH  c. 1860-1869 and New York, NY  1883-1885
E.H. Boardman
Honolulu, HI  1841-1849  
Watchmaker, jeweler, and chronometer maker.
John M. Bonnet, Sr.
Zanesville, OH  1835-1882  Bonnet's business continued to be run under
his name after his death in 1882 until 1900.
Blood & Hix
Rockland, ME  c. 1870-1882  William H. Blood and Thomas W. Hix, Jr.
Blake & Lyon
Baltimore, MD  1846-1848
Bogle Bros.
White River Junction, VT  1880-c. 1935 with a Boston, MA branch c. 1895
Founded by brothers Byron L. and Clarence C. Bogle.  
Importers and wholesalers.
H.S. Bodge 1868 Advertisement
Blake to Brattin
Blake to Brattin
Samuel S. Blanchard
Glover, VT  c. 1845-1857  Merchant.
Edwin L. Brainard
Ware, MA  c. 1845-1856
Joseph Bonfanti
New York, NY  c. 1817-1838  Fancy goods merchant.
Alexander R. Brattin
Greencastle, IN  1860-1887; Kansas City, MO c. 1891-1892; and
St. Louis, MO 1893-1897  Opened short-lived branch locations in
Danville and Spencer, IN, in the mid-1880s.
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