Henry Peat Buckley
New Orleans, LA  1850-1903
A.F. Burbank & Co.
Boston, MA 1853-1867 and Worcester, MA 1867-1880
Watchmakers and jewelers.
Geo. T. Brodnax
Memphis, TN  1897-c. 1990  
Benjamin F. Brooks
Utica, NY  c. 1827-1856
Brock & Co.
Los Angeles, CA  1911-1960s
James Bulkley & Co.
New York, NY  1836-1837
Charles E. Butler
Hudson, NY  1852-1899  Jeweler.
Brower & Rusher
New York, NY  1836-1842  House furnishings dealers.  Sold
silver made by Sperry Douglas Brower, Hall & Hewson, and
Hall, Hewson & Brower.
Brown & Anderson
Wilmington, NC  1850-1871  
Thomas W. Brown and William S. Anderson.
William D. Briggs
New York, NY  1837-1883  
Watchmaker and jeweler.  In the partnerships of Akerly & Briggs 1845-1851
and Wm. D. Briggs & Co. c. 1878-1883.
Joseph Brunner
New York, NY  1839-1880  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Bunde & Upmeyer
Milwaukee, WI  1880-1950s  Manufacturing jewelers
founded by Louis W. Bunde and William H. Upmeyer.
Brock & Feagans
Los Angeles, CA  1903-1911
Isaac Brilleman
Albany, NY c. 1873-1902
Dixon Brown
Norfolk, VA 1850-1866 and 1872-1891 and Williamsburg, VA 1866-1870
Square G. Brooks
Roxbury, MA c. 1855-1862; San Francisco, CA c. 1864 and
Boston, MA  c. 18681895  Watchmaker and jeweler.  
Was in the partnerships of S.G. Brooks & Co. in 1872, Brooks & Currier
1872-1875, and S.G. Brooks & Son c. 1906-1907 (this firm remained in
business to 1920).
E.S. & D.R. Burr
Berlin, WI  c. 1858  Jewelers.
Rufus L. Bruce
New Orleans, LA  Worked independently c. 1835-1857.  Continued working
as a partner of George W. Gregor in the firm of G.W. Gregor & Co. 1858-1862.
Watchmaker and jeweler.
Clarendon Butman
Augusta, ME  c. 1850 and Plymouth, ME  1869-1886
C.P. Brown & Co.
Wheeling, VA (now WV)  1866-1867 and 1872-1875  Churtis P. Brown.
F. Brown & Marsters (aka F. Brown & Co.)
New York, NY  1852-1874
Brown & Atwood
New York, NY  1853-1855
Brgham & Eager
Marlborough, MA  c. 1878-1903
Loriman S. Brigham and Henry W. Eager, jewelers.
Loriman S. Brigham
Marlboro, MA  1856-1903  
Was in the partnership of Brigham & Eager c. 1878-1903.  Jeweler.
c. 1875 A.F. Burbank Trade Card
1885 Bunde & Upmeyer Ad
1910 Brock & Feagans Postcard
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Briggs to Butman
Briggs to Butman
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Brooks & Frevert
Madison, IN  c. 1880-1882  Frederick O. Brooks and ?
Brown, Waterhouse, Kaiser
Louisville, KY  1948-Present
E.H. Buckland & Co.
Springfield, MA  1866-1871