Cowell & Hubbard Co.
Cleveland, OH  1879-1990s
Cook & Goodman
Louisville, KY  1864-1869  Succeeded by Cook, Goodman & Co.
Charles August Wilkins Crosby
Boston, MA  1852-1894  Succeeded by C.A.W. Crosby & Son.
S.J. Child
Clyde and Danville, NY  
c. 1854-1865
Elijah Chubbuck
Lockport, NY  c. 1840-1870 and
Manchester, MI  c. 1873-1877
Enoch Conklin / E. Conklin & Co.
New York, NY  c. 1835-1838  In the partnership of E. Conklin & Co.
1835-1837, advertised independently 1838.
S. & T. Child
Philadelphia, PA  1848-1896  Brothers Samuel T. Child and
Thomas T. Child, watchmakers and jewelers.  Samuel and Thomas
retired in 1882 and the business was continued by their sons, Henry L.
Child and George C. Child.  When Henry retired in 1896, the business continued under George's name alone.
George Creamer
Poughkeepsie, NY  c. 1842-1854  Jeweler.
Clark, Coit & Cargill
New York, NY  c. 1834-1836
Jerome A. Clark
Batavia, NY  1834-1885
Charles J. Cleaves
Biddford, ME  c. 1855-1902  Watchmaker.
Cook & Jaques
Trenton, NJ  1871-1930s  
E. Rezeau Cook and Samuel R. Jaques.
Watchmakers and jewelers.
Craft & Cutter
Indianapolis, IN  1870-1879  W. Harry Craft and H.P. Cutter,
watchmakers and jewelers.
The Clark-Sawyer Co.
Worcester, MA  1864-c. 1916  Founded by Thomas A. Clark and
Stephen Sawyer.  House furnishings business.  
Cogswell & Weber
Milwaukee, WI  1866-1870  Manufacturing jewelers.
Kimball P. Colfax
New York, NY  1831-1854  Jeweler.
Crooks & Metcalfe
Baltimore, MD  1893-1894
Cooke & Son
Petersburg, VA  1833-1837  William Cooke and his son
William A. Cooke.
James W. Cusack
Troy, NY  1855-1896  Watchmaker and jeweler.
M. Cochenthaler
Montreal, QU  1877-1930s  Jeweler.
Cooke & White
Norfolk, VA  c. 1829-1833  William Cooke and Andrew White.
Another branch was operated at the same time in Petersburg, VA,
under the name of White & Cooke.
William H. Cortelyou
New Brunswick, NJ  c. 1850-1860  Watchmaker.
Asa C. Collier
Concord, MA  c. 1845-1880
Clarke & Dixon
Manchester, NH  1882-1884  Stephen Clarke and James Dixon.
c. 1885 Clarke & Dixon Trade Card
Child to Cuasck
Child to Cuasck
c. 1885 S. & T. Child Trade Card
1857 S.J. Child Ad
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Benjamin S. Clark
Wilmington, DE  1838-1887  Jeweler.
William Stewart Cloyd
McKinney, TX  c. 1860-1885  Watchmaker, jeweler, and gunsmith.
Francis Richard Crump
New York, NY  c. 1842-1854  Watchmaker.
Aaron K. Cory
New Brunswick, NJ  c. 1849-1851
Cook & Sloss
John W. Cook and Levi Sloss, jewelers.