Stephen H. Dodge
Ypsilanti, MI  1861-1910
Frank B. Dodge
Woburn, MA 1855-1891  Jeweler.
E.J. Daumont & Co.
Lexington, KY  1867-1871  Edmund J. Daumont and Thomas R.
Boyle, jewelers.  Succeeded by Boyle, Daumont & Co.
Louisville, KY  1863-Present
D.C. Denham Trade Card c. 1875
Daniel C. Denham
Newport, RI  c. 1865-1908  Watchmaker and jeweler.
John C. Dolon
Mauch Chunk, PA  c. 1864-1883
George W. Dickinson
Ashtabula, OH  1857-c. 1884
Almond S. Devendorf
Galesburg, IL  c. 1855-1880  Merchant.
T. & E. Dickinson
Buffalo, NY  1869-1891  Founded by Thomas and Elizabeth Dickinson.
Succeeded by T. & E. Dickinson & Co. 1891-c. 1937
J. & M. Devlin
Philadelphia, PA  1848-c. 1889  Watchmakers and jewelers.
Godfried Dold
Louisville, KY c. 1850 and Madison, IN 1852-1896  Was in the partnership of
Brooks & Dold 1866-1874 and again c. 1890-1896.  Watchmaker.
Dickson & Harper
Philadelphia, PA  1838-1840  John D. Dickson and John D. Harper.
Successor to Dickson, White & Co. and succeeded by Dickson & Co.
Deckelman Bros. / H. & J. Deckelman
Leavenworth, KS  1857-1873
Henry and John Deckelman began as Deckelman Bros. in 1857, changing
their business name to H. & J. Deckelman in 1859.
Davis & Hawley Co.
Bridgeport, CT  1898-c. 1950
Founded by Charles D. Davis and William C.
Hawley.  Opened a branch in Waterbury, CT.  
William P. Denehey
Harrisburgh, PA  1867-1909  Jeweler.
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Daumont to Dolon
Daumont to Dolon
Henry C. Dickinson
Richmond, IN  1867-c. 1917  Jeweler.
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Deming & Gundlach
Hartford, CT  1859-1887  Henry A. Deming and Louis Gundlach.
Victor E. Desio & Co.
Washington, DC  1898-1931
Founded by Victor E. Desio and his father Gerome Desio.
Dickson & Co.
Philadelphia, PA  1841-1851  Importers.