Henry E. Drake
Elmira, NY  1871-1892  Jeweler.
G.W. Drew & Co.
Concord, NH  1860-1878  George W. Drew, watchmaker and jeweler.  
Successor to Whitford & Drew.
Dutton & Pratt
Penacook, NH  1847-1855  
Dry goods merchants.  Succeeded by Pratt & Allen.
Dunning & Sunderlin
Penn Yan, NY  1850-1853  Levi O. Dunning and Lewis Sunderlin, jewelers.
Daniel C. Dusenberry
Middletown, NY  1838-c. 1906
Was in the partnership of D.C. Dusenberry & Son 1893-c. 1906, the
business continuing to 1915.
Elihu Durfee
Palmyra, NY  c. 1828  Jeweler.
Oliver P. Dunbar
Steubinville, OH  1864-c. 1899  Jeweler.
Garrett T. Dorland
Cincinnati, OH  c. 1853-1881
Doughty & Brown
East Saginaw, MI  c. 1876-1879  
Ambrose O. Doty
Lyons, NY  c. 1863-1869; Auburn, NY c. 1872
Richard W. Drown
Newburyport, MA  c. 1815-1888  Clock and watchmaker.
Moses A. Dropsie
Philadelphia, PA  1840-1849  Watchmaker.
Charles Francis Dunbar
Hudson, WI 1868-1872; Menasha, WI 1872-1874; and
Wausau, WI 1874-1915  Jeweler.  
Charles L. Drown
Newburyport, MA c. 1849-1850 and c. 1864-1884; Boston, MA c. 1851-1855
c. 1880 H.E. Drake & Co. Trade Card
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Dorland to Dutton
Dorland to Dutton
D.B. Downing
Vicksburg, MS  c. 1835-1854  Was in the partnership of
Downing, Moody & Co. c. 1853-1854.
Downing, Moody & Co.
Vicksburg, MS  1853-1855  Succeeded by Moody & Kuner.
Levi Oliver Dunning
Penn Yan, NY  1841-1883
Was in the partnership of Dunning & Sunderlin 1850-1853.
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Lewis P. Durkee / L.P. Durkee & Co.
Detroit, MI 1853-1859 and 1874-1878 and Pontiac, MI  1859-c. 1870
Jeweler and watchmaker.  Went by L.P. Durkee & Co. 1853-1859.