Elmer & Sipes
Baltimore, MD  1856-1859  Lewis E. Elmer and Ezra S. Sipes.
C.M. Englehart & Son
Philadelphia, PA  1861-1885  
Charles M. Englehart and William F. Englehart.
J.T. & E.M. Edwards
Chicago, IL  1852-1862  Jewelers.
William H. Elliott
Manchester, NH   1840-1902  Jeweler.
Benjamin G. Eaton
Mexico, NY  c. 1860-1870
Ettenheimer & Co.
Rochester, NY  1860-1907  
Elias S. Ettenheimer and partners Jacob Ettenheimer and S. Goodman.  
James Eyland & Co.
Charleston, SC  1820-1827  Importer and retailer.
Elson & Wolf
Boston, MA  1853-1854  Watchmakers.
William B. Eltonhead
Philadelphia, PA  1849-1880
E.S. & J. Ettenheimer
Rochester, NY c. 1860  Elias S. and Jacob Ettenheimer.
T. Eaton Co. Ltd.
Toronto, ON, Canada  1869-1999  Was at one time Canada's largest
department store chain.
Evans & Manning
Binghampton, NY  c. 1865-1880  Alfred J. Evans and
Robert T. Manning.
Elon G. Eaton
Olean, NY c. 1855-1860 and Grand Rapids, MI  c. 1865-1880  
1876 Elon G. Eton Advertisement
Samuel H. Elliott
Lowell, MA  c. 1834-1844  Jeweler.
E.G. & F. Eaton
Olean, NY  c. 1857  Fancy goods merchants.
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Joseph Einstein
Philadelphia, PA  1855-1869  Jeweler.
William F. Englehart
Philadelphia, PA  1861-c. 1921  Jeweler.  Was in the
partnership of C.M. Englehart & Son 1861-1885.