James B. Fidler
Philadelphia, PA  1847-1861  Jeweler.
Isaac Maltby Fairchild
Waterloo, NY  c. 1850-1895
George Finck
San Francisco, CA 1871-1883; Burlington, IA 1885; Chicago, IL c. 1890-1896
John S. Farr
Norwich, NY; Elmira, NY; Bath, NY; and Addison, NY  
c. 1835-c. 1885  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Farr & Thompson
Philadelphia, PA  1853-1858  Watch importers and gold pen manufacturers.
Albert Feldenheimer
Portland, OR  1885-1936  Patented several souvenir spoon designs
in 1891 and 1892 which were made by Gorham and Durgin.  Went
under the name of A. & C. Feldenheimer c. 1899-1936 when his brother
Charles joined the business.  Jeweler.
1891 Albert Feldenheimer Ad
G.W. Fairchild & Sons
Bridgeport, CT  c. 1890-1960s
Fiske & Goddard
Worcester, MA  c. 1858-1861
Feagans & Co.
Los Angeles, CA  1911-1927  Jewelry business founded by George E. Feagans.
Billings Stowell Farrington
Woonsocket, RI  c. 1840-1885  Jeweler.
Fellows & Younge
New York, NY  c. 1816-1819
Imported silver from Bradbury & Sons, Sheffield, England.
Ferguson & Craig
Champaign, IL  c. 1895-1910  
W.I. Ferguson and T.H. Craig; jewelers and opticians.
1908 Ferguson & Craig Advertisement
Flagg & Chapin
Springfield, MA  c. 1828-1835
Fairchild to Flagg
Fairchild to Flagg
Fenno & Fairbanks
Boston, MA  c. 1852  Jewelers.
James E. Fenno and James H. Fairbanks.
Farr & Bro.
Philadelphia, PA  1861-1877
William M. Farr and George W. Farr, Jr., jewelers.
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Charles W. Flagg
Woonsocket, RI  c. 1875-1905
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Ferguson & Page
St. John, New Brunswick, Canada  1888-1932
Founded by James Ferguson and Henry C. Page.