Newton Alvin Frost
Hanover, NH  1875-c. 1906
Foye & Gleason
Boston, MA  1864-1866 and c. 1868-1870
J.J. Freeman & Co.
Toldeo, OH  1895-1914  Jewelers.  Succeeded by Broer Freeman
Jewelers, which is still in business today.
Charles Christian Fried
Springfield, OH  1872-1907  Continued as C.C. Fried & Sons Co. until 1940.
Julian Augustus Fogg / Julian A. Fogg & Co.
Salem, MA  c. 1860-1910  
Worked as Julian A. Fogg & Co. 1868-1877 with a branch
in Boston.  Manufacturing jeweler.
A.F. Froeb & Co.
Terre Haute, IN  1891-1957
Freeman & Taylor
Boston, MA  1878-1908
Abram French & Co.
Boston, MA 1869-c. 1902 and Chicago, IL 1874-c. 1902  Successor
to Bassett, French & Co.  Importers and fancy goods merchants.
G.O. Foye & Son
Athol, MA  c. 1885-1929  Jewelers.
J.M. Freeman & Son
Norfolk, VA  1854-1857 and 1870-1871
Watchmakers and jewelers.  
Frederick & Nelson
Seattle, WA  1890-1992  
Department store acquired by Marshall Field in 1929.  Sterling items were
made for them by other companies and bear the Frederick & Nelson name.
A. & L. Forbes
St. Louis, MO  c. 1840-1848  Fancy goods merchants.
Franklin & Frank
Cincinnati, OH  c. 1853-1861  Manufacturing and wholesale jewelers.
Charles W. Fogg
Waltham, MA  1842-1859  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Worked as superintendent of the American Watch Co. factory 1861-1876.
1876 Abram French & Co. Advertisement
c. 1890 Foye & Son Trade Card
c. 1890 Freeman & Taylor Trade Card
Fogg to Frost
Fogg to Frost
Frantz Bros. & Co.
New Orleans, LA  1898-1902  Jewelers.
Wiliam H.M. Freeman
Downington, PA c. 1875-1881 and West Chester, PA 1881-1898
P. Fries & Son
Philadelphia, PA  1866-1894
Phineas and Edgar Fries, watchmakers and jewelers.
Andrew Foley
Wellsboro, PA  c. 1855-1875
Robert L. Frazer
Lawrence, KS  c. 1856-1869 and 1870-1877  Watchmaker and jeweler.
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Victor Freisinger
Atlantic City, NJ  1895-1913  Fancy and art goods merchant with branches
in Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, Newport, RI, and Boston, MA
Foster & Blanchard
Gloucester, MA  c. 1911-1913  
Jeremiah Foster and William E. Blanchard, jewelers.
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Morris M. Fredrick
San Francisco, CA 1859-1860; Virginia City, NV c. 1865 and
1871-1889;  and Seattle, WA  c. 1905-1906  
Had a branch stores in Reno, NV, and Bodie, CA.
A. Frankfield & Co.
New York, NY  c. 1857-1920  Jewelers and importers.