Thomas Gowdey (Gowdy)
Nashville, TN  1825-1863  Jeweler.
Gordon & Bacon
New London, CT  1855-c. 1860
Edward Horatio Goulding
Alton, IL  1852-1895  Jeweler.
S. & G. Gump Co. / Gump's
San Francisco, CA  1871-Present
Gurney Brothers
Brockton, MA  1870-1960s  
Founded by Warren S. Gurney and Lysander F. Gurney.
A.B. Griswold & Co.
New Orleans, LA  1865-1906  Arthur Breese Griswold.
Succeeded by A.B. Griswold & Co., Ltd. 1906-1924.  Jewelers.
Lysander Franklin Gurney
Brockton, MA  1863-1870  Jeweler; succeeded by Gurney Brothers.
Henry Guild
Boston, MA  1843-1886  Manufacturing jeweler.
Ogden D. Griswold  (d. 1862)
Hartford, CT  1853-1862  
Was in the partnership of Hastings & Griswold 1854-1862.
Gregor & Wilson
New Orleans, LA  1856-1858  George W. Gregor, John W. Gregor,
and William A. Wilson.  Jewelers.
Robert C. Green
Pottsville, PA  1846-1897  
Watchmaker and jeweler.  Succeeded by R.C. Green's Sons.
Thomas Goldsmith
Troy, NY  1842-1885  Watchmaker and jeweler.
H.N. Greene
Mansfield, OH  c. 1855-1870
Joseph H. Gove
Peru, NY  c. 1840
Albertus S. Gordon
Laconia, NH  1883-1915  Jeweler and optician.
Silas H. Goodnow
Fitchburg, MA  c. 1835-1858 and Boston, MA c. 1844-1845  
Jeweler.  Was in the partnership of Goodnow & Burbank with
Charles W. Burbank in Boston c. 1845 and later in Fitchburg the
firm of Goodnow & Smith.
Goodnow & Smith
Fitchburg, MA  1847-1852  Silas H. Goodnow and H.W. Smith.
Griffen & Son
New York, NY  1832-1835  Peter and William Griffen, watchmakers.
Henry A. Gray
Edgefield, SC  c. 1854  Jeweler.
Goldsmith to Gurney
Goldsmith to Gurney
1860 Thomas Gowdey Advertisement
Greenawalt & Cover
Pittsburgh, PA  c. 1829-1833  
William Greenawalt and Samuel Cover.
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E. Gunn & Co.
Springfield, MA  c. 1830-1850
Elisha Gunn with Jonathan Bangs and Elisha D. Stocking.  Grocers, fancy
goods merchants, and West India traders.