Harris & Shafer
Washington, DC  1870-1938
James C. Hanna
New Castle, PA  1847-1898  Jeweler.  
Was in the partnership of J.C. Hanna & Son 1885-1895 and
Hanna & Eroe 1895-1898.
David P. Hannaford
Norway, ME  1840-1860  Jeweler.
Moses C. Haight
Buffalo, NY 1853-1861 and Geneva, NY 1862-1899  Jeweler.
Hagar & Beebee
Watertown, NY  c. 1867-1872 and 1881-1891
Elias Hagar and Myron Beebee., jewelers.
Horace D. Hall
Middletown, CT  c. 1830-18987 Jeweler.
Samuel S. Hannaca
Boonsville, MO  c. 1875-1896; Chicago, IL 1896-1898, and
Willow Springs, MO  c. 1910-1928
Hall & Briggs
Lewiston, ME  c. 1855
Haight & Sterling
Newburgh, NY  1841-1843  Jewelers.
Harris & Wilcox
Albany, NY and Troy, NY  1846-1853
Herman J. Harris and Alanson D. Wilcox,
watchmakers and jewelers.
Morris B. Hall
Essex, CT  1866-1887  Jeweler and musical instrument dealer.
Harbottle & Smith
Auburn, NY  c. 1850-1867
A partnership between George Harbottle and Charles Augustus Smith.
Haely & Gavin
Bolivar, NY  c. 1898-1906
c. 1880 Morris B. Hall Trade Card
Harrington & Bullens
Worcester, MA  c. 1866-1874  
Henry Harrington and George R. Bullens, jewelers.
Hallett & Buckland
Springfield, MA  1871-1872
Daniel G. Hall
Gray, ME c. 1850; Auburn, ME c. 1860-1879
Hallett & Taylor
Springfield, MA  1872-1874
George Harbottle
Auburn, NY  c. 1832-1867
Was in partnership with John H. Chedell c. 1834-1850 and
then the firm of Harbottle & Smith c. 1850-1867.  Jeweler.
Haely to Harris
Haely to Harris
George Albert Harmon
Portland, ME  c. 1860-1912  Jeweler.
Charles Hale
Bangor, ME  c. 1848-1865 and again 1875-1885;
Graton, NH  1865-1875  Was a partner in the firm
of Fenno & Hale 1848-1859 and Charles Hale & Co.
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