Volney Wells Haskell
Otis, MA  c. 1840-1850  Jeweler.
Henderson & Gaines
New Orleans, LA  1841-1865  William Henderson, John G. Gaines,
and Samuel Z. Relf.  Succeeded by Gaines & Relf.  
Harwood Brothers
Boston, MA  1859-1922  Founded by Charles and Willard Harwood.
James H. Hart
New York, NY c. 1855-1856 and Brooklyn, NY 1856-c. 1910
Was in the partnerships of Jennings & Hart with Oscar S. Jennings
c. 1855-1856, James H. Hart & Co. 1857-1865, and Hart Bros. 1865-1883.
Hart Bros.
Brooklyn, NY  1865-1883  See James H. Hart.
Theodore Selden Heath
Lee, MA c. 1849-1855 and Stockbridge, MA c. 1860-1868
L. & C. Harwood
Meredith Village (now Laconia), NH 1851-1853 and Marlboro, MA  
1853-1855.  Lucien and Charles Harwood.
Hartdegen & Co.
Newark, NJ  c. 1883-1970s  Founded by Charles Hartdegen.
T. Hausmann & Sons
New Orleans, LA  1894-1906  Theresa Hausmann, jeweler.  Successor to
T. Hausmann & Son 1890-1893.  Succeeded by T. Hausmann & Sons, Ltd.
1906-1917, and went by Hausmann's, Inc. after 1918.
James H. Hart & Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1857-1865  See James H. Hart.
Adam Henderson
Poughkeepsie, NY  1817-1859
Alexander R. Hascy
Albany, NY  1829-1853 and New York, NY 1857-1866
Watchmaker and jeweler.
Hemingway & Stevens
Hartford, CT  1858-1864  
Leverett G. Hemingway and James R. Stevens, jewelers.
David Heaton & Co.
Providence, RI  c. 1857-1862 and 1868-1869.
Hense & Gottesleben
Denver, CO  c. 1870-1876  John H. Hense and P. Gottesleben,
manufacturing jewelers.
William Henry Harrison Hatch
Portland, ME  1837-1885  Watchmaker and jeweler.  Was in the
partnerships of Banks & Hatch 1837-1857 and Hatch & Cross 1860-1863.
Frank Herschede
Cincinnati, OH  1877-Present  Became well known as a hall clock maker,
branching off with the Herschede Hall Clock Co. in 1885.
Alfred P. Hendrick
Nashua, NH  c. 1860-1905  Watchmaker, jeweler, and engraver.
H.A. Heath & Co.
Newport, RI  c. 1867-1906  Jewelers.
Successors to Heath & Westcott (1860-c. 1867).
Bernard Heinemann (Heineman)
Boston, MA  1846-1857  Watchmaker, jeweler and importer.
Was in the partnership of Heinemann & Jenkins with Nataniel
Jenkins 1850-1853.
Henderson Bros.
Crystal Falls, MI  c. 1900-1910
Heeren Bros. & Co.
Pittsburgh, PA  1867-1930s  Incorporated in 1919 as the
Heeren Brothers Co.
Charles L. Haskins
Saratoga Springs, NY  c. 1878-1920  Formed the partnership of
C.L. Haskins & Co with W.E. Phelps 1887-c. 1893.  Jeweler.
C. 1895 Heeren Bros. & Co. Business Card
1891 H.A. Heath & Co. Advertisement
1871 Hense & Gottesleben Ad
Hart to Herschede
Hart to Herschede
Oliver S. Hemphill
Philadelphia, PA  1853-1889  Jeweler.
Haskins & Martin
Boston, MA  1832
Ralph Haskins and Valentine Martin.
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Cyrenius W. Haskins
New Bedford, MA  1860-1892  Jeweler.  Was in the partnership of
Dexter & Haskins 1860-1879.
J.H. Heller & Son
New York, NY  1869-1878
John H. Heller and John H. Heller, Jr., jewelers.