Hope & Miller
Knoxville, TN  1868-c. 1876  
John W. Hope and Frederick A. Miller; watchmakers and jewelers.
Watson Leverett Hoskins
Owego, NY  1858-1911  Jeweler.
Henry O. Hood
Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC  1847-1873  Importer.
E.B. Horn Co.
Boston, MA  1839-Present  Jewelers, founded by Edwin B. Horn.
Charles W. Hurll
New Bedford, MA  c. 1858-1899  Jeweler and watchmaker.
Hyman, Berg & Co.
Chicago, IL  c. 1889-1910  Harry Sigmund Hyman and
Morris H. Berg.
James A. Horne
Dover, NH  1864-1883  
Hyde & Bettys
Auburn, NY  1861-1883  James Hyde and John Bettys.
H.J. Howe Jewelers
Syracuse, NY  1878-c. 1978  Founded by Henry J. Howe.
c. 1885 Charles W. Hurll Trade Card
John Hunter
Albany, NY  1835-1847  Jeweler.
James Hyde
Auburn, NY  c. 1850-1883  Jeweler and musical instrument dealer.
Howland & Hayden
Bath, ME  c. 1874-1887
Horace G. Hudson
Amesbury, MA  1870-1912  Jeweler and optician.  Designed several
souvenir spoons which were made by the Wm. B. Durgin Co. and Gorham.
Howland & Donnell
Bath, ME  1863-1873  John T. Howland
and Calvin C. Donnell, merchants.
Hutchinson & Connell
Portsmouth, NH  1872-1882
John H. Hutchinson and James R. Connell.
The J.L. Hudson Co.
A Detroit, MI, based department store founded in 1881 by Joseph L. Hudson.
In 1969, it was acquired by The Dayton Co. to form the Dayton-Hudson Corp.
In 2000, the remaining Hudson stores were changed to Marshall Field's, which
had also been acquired by Dayton-Hudson in 1990.
Hoskins & Evans
Owego, NY  c. 1861
Hughes & Dorland
Cincinnati, OH  c. 1857-1859  Wholesale jewelers.
1934 H.J. Howe Ad
1891 H.G. Hudson Ad
c. 1880 W.L. Hoskins Trade Card
Hood to Hyman
Hood to Hyman
Edward H. Hopkins
Penn Yan, NY  1869-1920
1905 Hyman, Berg & Co. Advertising Postcard
Theron M. Howard
St. Johnsbury, VT  1856-1870  Continued in the partnership of
Howard & Rowell wih Alfred D. Rowell 1870-1887.
Granville H. Hull
Fort Wayne, IN c. 1858 and Lafayette, IN  c. 1860-1890  Jeweler.
William B. Hudson
Ebensburg, PA  c. 1850-1852; Columbus, OH 1853-1854; Cleveland, OH  1854-1860;
and Sandusky, OH  1860-1875  Jeweler and watchmaker.
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