Samuel Jelly
Sacramento, CA  1850-1856 and 1859-1883  Jelly died in 1883, and his
business was continued by his heirs under his name until 1891.
George A. Jones
Zanesville, OH  1845-1870  Jeweler.
Jarecki Bros.
Erie, PA  c. 1860-1865  Gustav, August, and Charles Jarecki.
William B. Johnston
Macon, GA  1832-c. 1850  Worked as W.B. Johnston & Co. 1839-1842
then J.B. Johnston & Bro. 1845-1849.
Herman T. Jarecki
Erie, PA  1862-1909  The business was continued by Jarecki's
descendants as Jarecki Jewelers until in closed in 2007.
Jones & Baker
Milwaukee, WI  1855-1858
Simon Janowitz
Baltimore, MD  1856-1884  Watchmaker and jeweler.  Took on
his son as partner to become Janowitz & Son (1885-1899).
J.F. Jones
Syracuse, NY  c. 1850
Henry B. James
Trenton, NJ  c. 1857-1871
Watchmaker and jeweler.
Jennings & Vaughan
Buffalo, NY  c. 1845  Jewelers.
Jewell & Beddo
Louisville, KY  1875-1880  Edward Jewell and Horace Beddo,
manufacturing jewelers.
Levi Johnson
Saxonville, MA c. 1849 and Worcester, MA 1850-1899  Jeweler.
Was in the partnership of L. Johnson & Son 1877-1899.
1859 Henry B. James Advertisement
Jackson & Many
New York, NY  1849-1856  
Succeeded by Many & Lewis.
Joslin & Park
Denver, CO  1866-1897  Jervis Joslin and Boyd Park,
manufacturing jewelers.  Park moved to Salt Lake City, UT, in
1871 and opened a branch store there.  Other branches operated
in Leadville, CO, and Cheyenne, WY, in the 1870s and 1880s.  The Salt Lake City store was succeeded by
Boyd Park Jewelers 1897-1952; Bennion's Boyd Park Jewelery 1952-1974; and Dick Bennion Jewelry
The Jewelers' Crown Guild
Rockford, IL  1892-1904  Third party distributor of jewelry and silver goods.
A. Jacobs & Sons
New York, NY  1844-1848  
Angel Jacobs with his sons Jacob and Alfred Jacobs.
Jones & Wood
Syracuse, NY  1846-1847  Watchmakers.
Jandorf & Mayer
Cincinnati, OH  1870-1873  Wholesale jewelers.
Justis & Co.
Baltimore, MD  1874-1877  William S. Justis.
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Jaccard Jewelry Co.
Kansas City, MO  1898-1970s
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