Frederic William Macomber
Fall River, MA  c. 1855-1876
W.M. & J.B. Mayo
Chicago, IL  1867-1871
Henry Beebe Marsh
Detroit, MI 1840-1853 and New Brunswick, NJ 1853-1886  Jeweler.
Matson & Loomis
Milwaukee, WI  1859-1864  One of many businesses owned by
Newell Matson, this one with L.L. Loomis as his partner.
Horace E. Matteson
Seville, OH  c. 1856-1887  Dry goods merchant.
William Wilson McGrew
Cincinnati, OH  1855-1875  Worked with his father Wilson
McGrew in the firm of Wilson McGrew & Son 1855-1859.
D. & G. McElwain
Becket, MA  c. 1845  David and George McElwain, jewelers.
Marsh & Hoffman
Albany, NY  1880-1896  Benjamin Marsh and Frederick W.
Hoffman, jewelers and fancy goods merchants.
Simon M. Magnus
Albany, NY  c. 1848-1860
John F. Mascher
Philadelphia, PA  1845-1863
John W. McDuffee
Lewiston, ME  1864-1867 and 1873-1876
and Portland, ME  1869-1880
Watchmaker and jeweler.
Maurice & Henry
St. Louis, MO  1859-1861  William H. Maurice and William D. Henry, jewelers.
James A. Main
Arcade, NY 1859-1861 and Warsaw, NY 1865-1910  Jeweler.
George H. Maynard
Boston, MA  1860 and 1868-1903  
Watchmaker and jeweler.
McAuliffe & Hadley
Boston, MA  1910-1922
Macomber to McGrew
Macomber to McGrew
Charles S. Massey
Allentown, PA  1835-1881  Jeweler
Frederick W. Marmet
Cincinnati, OH  c. 1850-1883  Jeweler.
John Maull
Philadelphia, PA  c. 1846-1849  Jeweler.
Mansfield & Baird
Philadelphia, PA  1871-1876  Jewelers.
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Thomas McCollin
Philadelphia, PA  1824-1833  Watchmaker.
John W. Mather
Parkersburg, WV  c. 1870-1927
Was in the partnership of John W. Mater & Son with Walter T. Mather
from c. 1918 until his death in 1927.
Mayer & Graffe
Ft. Wayne, IN 1865-1881 with a branch in Wabash, IN
Founded by Andrew M. Mayer and Henry C. Graffe, jewelers.