Henry F. Miller
Providence, RI  c. 1845-1860  
Miller would go on to form Miller & Sons, a famous piano making company.
Meyran & Siedle
Pittsburgh, PA  1869-1873  Charles Meyran and Reinhold Siedle.
Gershom Flagg Melcher
Portsmouth, NH  c. 1856-1876  Watchmaker.
John A. Miller
Paducah, KY  c. 1869-1881  
Jeweler and watchmaker.
McKay, Spear & Brown
Boston, MA  1851-1856  William P. McKay, Henry T. Spear,
and James W.L. Brown.  Jewelers.
Max Meyer & Bro.
Omaha, NE  1869-1896  Jewelers.
Wm. P. McKay & Co.
Boston, MA  1839-1851  
Founded by William P. McKay and Henry T. Spear.
Merrill & Quinby
Portland, ME  1855-1856  Jonathan A. Merrill andHenry C. Quinby, fancy
goods merchants.
McKay, Brown & Co.
Boston, MA  1856  Watchmakes and jewelers.
W.H.C. Miller & Co.
Chicago, IL  c. 1860-1871  Manufacturing jeweler.
1868 W.H.C. Miller & Co. Advertisement
W. & J.C. Michie
Cincinnati, OH  1868-1874
McMullan & Hamilton
New York, NY  1866-1876  Robert McMullan and
Joseph D. Hamilton, jewelers.
Merrick, Walsh & Phelps
St. Louis, MO  1879-1901  Founded by Harrison H.
Merrick, William Walsh, and H.W. Phelps as
successors to Merrick & Walsh.  Incorporated in 1894 as the Merrick, Walsh & Phelps Jewelry Co.  Acquired
by Mermod, Jaccard & Co.
Ralph Smith Mershon
Philadelphia, PA  1861 and Zanesville, OH c. 1862-1889  Was in
the partnership of Jones & Mershon with George A. Jones 1864-1872.  
Succeeded in 1889 by Bauer Bros.  Watchmaker and jeweler.
McKay to Miller
McKay to Miller
W.D. & A. McLean
Cohoes, NY  c. 1870-1872
Merrill & Barr
Nashua, NH  1844-1854 and 1858-1864
Mark W. Merrill and John N. Barr.  Dry goods merchants.
David Mendel
Louisville, KY 1852-1865
Joseph Henry Melluish
Bloomington, IL  c. 1864-1883  Melluish died in 1883; his widow
continued the business under his name until 1899.
Jeremiah McLene
Indianapolis, IN  1853-1877  Was a partner in the firms of E.J. Baldwin & Co.
1855-1859, McLene & Herron 1864-1872 and again in 1877, and McLene &
Northrup 1872-1875.
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