Moore & Leding
Washington, DC  1881-1899  Jewelers.  Moore & Leding designed several
souvenir spoons which bear their name and were made by Gorham.
Jacob Morch
Brooklyn, NY  1858-1913  Jeweler.
Montgomery Brothers
Los Angeles, CA  1887-1935  George A. and James A.
Montgomery.  Manufacturing jewelers, they designed several
souvenir spoons which were made by Gorham.
Curtis J. Monson
New Haven, CT  c. 1847-1889  Jeweler.
Moody & Kuner
Vicksburg, MS  1855-1863
Successors to Downing, Moody & Co.
Samuel & Jacob Myers
Boston, MA  1856-1880  Wholesale jewelers.
Montgomery Bros. 1892 Advertisement
Morsman & Feagans
St. Paul, MN  1905-1907
Morck & Kirkberger
Warren, PA  c. 1897-1908
S.F. Morrill & Co.
Concord, NH  c. 1864-1875  Samuel F. Morrill.
John B. Morris
Cincinnati, OH  1863-1878
George A. Mudge
Boston, MA  1858-1872  Worked as G.A. Mudge & Co. 1858-1868
Was in the partnership of Mudge & Sanborn with Marshman Sanborn
Louis Moelich
New York, NY  1839-1849
Was in the partnership of Moelich & Pachtmann 1839-1843.
Jacob L. Mussina
Williamsport, PA  1830-1866  Mussina established the Repasz Band,
which is the oldest brass band in the U.S. still in existence.  
John H. Morse
Peoria, IL  1844-1875  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Guy C. Munsell
Greenfield, MA  1830-1850
Moelich to Myers
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c. 1880 S. & J. Myers Trade Card
Moelich to Myers
Robert E. Murphey
Philadelphia, PA  1848-1859  Was in the partnership of
Voute & Murphy 1856-1858.
H.C. & G.H. Murdock
Winchendon, MA  c. 1866-1867
Henry Muhr
Philadelphia, PA  1855-1873  Succeeded by H. Muhr's Sons.
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Mark Moulton
Rochester, NY  c. 1855-1900  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Ozial Hastings Moses
Peekskill, NY c. 1852-1855; Clarksville, TN 1859-1860;
Fond du Lac, WI c. 1868-1872; and Chicago, IL  c. 1877-1904  
Jeweler and watchmaker.
Murray Jewelry Co.
Dayton, OH  1891-1897
Charles A.B. Munroe
Boston, MA  c. 1841-1872  Manufacturing and retail jeweler.