Oskamp, Nolting & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1887-1980  Founded by William S.P. Oskamp
and Charles A. Nolting.  Incorporated in 1907 as the Oskamp
Nolting Co.  Jewelers.
Henry M. Ordway
Lowell, MA  1847-1886  Was in partnership with James K. Fellows 1847-1855.
Ovington Bros. Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1846-c. 1930  Importers and merchants.
1891 Ovington Bros. Advertisement
Oxtoby & Duffield
Wheeling, WV  c. 1868-1878 and Erie, PA 1878-1890  
William H. Oxtoby and William C. Duffield.  Jewelers.
Henry A. Osgood / H.A. Osgood & Co.
South Berwick, ME c. 1845-1857 and
Lewiston, ME 1858-c. 1900  Jeweler.
Was in the business of H.A. Osgood & Co. with son Charles H. Osgood
1875-c. 1900; the business continued into the 1920s.
c. 1880 H.A. Osgood & Co. Trade Card
Owen & Wright
Montgomery, AL  c. 1845
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