William Duncan Perrine
Lyons, NY  1835-1884  Jeweler and watchmaker.
Simon Robinson Parlin
Norwich, CT  c. 1850-1885  Jeweler.
John E. Parker
Morristown, NJ  1864-1902  Jeweler.
Parker & Van Cleve
Morristown, NJ  1902-1927  John Van Cleve Parker (son of
John E. Parker) and Benjamin Muirheid Van Cleve.  Jewelers.
C.D. Peacock
Chicago, IL  1871-Present
Business founded by Charles D. Peacock, with roots back to 1837.  
Russell Pardee
Hornellsville, NY  1840-1867  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Charles H. Pepar
Baltimore, MD  c. 1846-1895  Jeweler and watchmaker.
Frederick W. Pachtmann
New York, NY  1838-c. 1878  Jeweler.  In the partnership of
F.W. Pachtmann & Bro. with Herman E. Pachtmann 1861-1878.
G.W. Palmer & Son
Rockland, ME  1869-c. 1923  
Founded by Greenleaf W. Palmer and son Eugene W. Palmer.
William Pelham
Fishkill, NY c. 1846-1860
Asa Parks
Oswego, NY  1852-1882  Jeweler.
Daniel Parmely
Pittsford, NY c. 1833-1858 and Rochester, NY 1859-1865
1918 Paul-Gale-Greenwood Ad
Matthew Perkins
Boston, MA  1845-1868  Jeweler and watchmaker.
George Parker
Boston, MA  1842-1845  Jeweler.
Stephen H. Palmer
New York, NY  1837-1860  Jeweler.
Perry & Holding
Brattleboro, VT  1869-1872  Charles S. Perry and F.H. Holding.
Watchmakers and jewelers.
1873 F.W. Pachtmann & Bro. Advertisement
c. 1915 Parker & Van Cleve Postcard
Pachtmann to Perry
Pachtmann to Perry
1905 C.D. Peacock Ad
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J.J. Palmer's Sons
Newport News, VA  1905-1931  Jewelers and opticians.
Paul-Gale-Greenwood Co.
Norfolk, VA  1906-1929  Jewelers.