H. & D. Rosenberg
Syracuse, NY 1847-1849 and Rochester, NY  1849-1884
Isaiah Randell
Seneca Falls, NY  1858-1898
Rodgers & Krull
Louisville, KY  1900-c. 1931  Ben F. Rodgers and Ed Krull, jewelers.
Alexander D. Ruff
Millersburg, KY c. 1865; Owingsville, KY 1872-1880;
and Richmond, KY 1880-1891
Charles F. Rudolph
Wilmington, DE  1856-1908  Jeweler.
1880's C.F. Rudolph Trade Card
Joseph Rudd / J. Rudd & Co.
New York, NY  c. 1834-1865  
Was in the partnership of J. Rudd & Co. with
John Cottier 1853-1865.
Rood & Goodrich
Milwaukee, WI  1854-1855
Ruttle & Terlau
Covington, KY  c. 1859-1860  Daniel R. Ruttle and Henry T. Terlau,
jewelers and watchmakers.
Israel Ricksecker
Dover, OH  1837-1872  Jeweler and clockmaker.
Arthur Rifenbergh
Hudson, NY  1854-1869
George Hale Richards
Keene, NH  1845-1861  
Watchmaker and jeweler.
Rhodes, Anthony & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1837  Thomas Frederick Rhodes and
John Gould Anthony, jewelers.
J.R. Reed & Co.
Pittsburgh, PA  c. 1850-1949  
Founded by brothers James R. Reed and George M. Reed and their father James Reed.
Henry Richardson
Providence, RI  c. 1840-1866
Henry Rowlands
Albany, NY 1869-1886 and Brooklyn, NY c. 1887-1888
Jeweler and importer.
H. Richardson & Co.
Pittsburgh, PA  1861-1873  Watchmakers and jewelers.
Marcus F. Robinson
Springfield, MA  1860-1899  Continued in 1899
in the partnership of Robinson & Son until his
death in 1907.
Ryland & Rankin
Lynchburg, VA  1892-c. 1903  Dudley Ryland and Arthur Rankin.
Successor to Watts, Ryland & Rankin.
Louis C. Roessler
Cumberland, MD  c. 1890-1905
Jonathan A. Rawson
Amherst, MA  c. 1871-1900  Jeweler and stationer.
c. 1880 O.B. Rudd Trade Card
Orange B. Rudd
Ilion, IL  1862-1920
Was in the partnership of Rudd & Rix 1907-1920.
Reagan, Kipp Co.
Boston, MA  1920s  Jewelers
G.S. & G.L. Rogers
Gardiner, ME  1858-1889
George S. Rogers and his son George L. Rogers.
Reineman & Meyran
Pittsburgh, PA  c. 1857-1860  Jewelers.
c. 1885 Henry Rowlands Trade Card
H.Z. Rhoads & Bro.
Lancaster, PA  1865-1882  Brothers Henry Zahm
Rhoads and Charles Godfried Rhoads.  Jewelers.
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Victor M. Ramee
New York, NY 1841-1843 and 1866-1874; Hackensack, NJ  c. 1852+
Ramee spent 1843-1851 in Wisconsin, first with a dry goods business
then going into farming.  He was in the partnerships of
Ramee & Greason with John R. Greason 1866-1872; V.M. Ramee & Co.
1872-1873; and Ramee, McClymont & Co. in 1874.
Edmund J. Roberts
Philadelphia, PA  1853-1871
Rudolph Reincke
Denver, CO  1890-1916  Silverware and cutlery dealer.
G.C. Robbins & Co.
St. Louis, MO  1849-1851
G. Collier Robbins and Charles Evans, jewelers.
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James R. Reed
Pittsburgh, PA  Working independently 1847-1850
Was in the partnership of J.R. Reed & Co. c. 1850-1899.
W.T. Rae & Co.
Newark, NJ  1860-1906
William T. Rae and Vincent M. Wright, watchmakers and jewelers.
Rowell & Hutchinson
Portsmouth, NH  1868-1870  
Alfred D. Rowell and John H. Hutchinson.
Watchmakers and jewelers.
E. Ridley & Sons
New York, NY  c. 1880-1901  Department store.
Rice & Burnett
Cleveland, OH  1854-1888
Crockery and house furnishings merchants.