Maurice Scooler
New Orleans, LA  1842-1900
Saks Fifth Avenue
Department store headquartered in New York, NY  1867-Present
James F. Safford
Farmington, NH  c. 1865-c. 1900
William Montgomery Savage
Columbus, OH  1843-1892  Jeweler and watchmaker.  
Charles Sanders
Schenectady, NY  c. 1833-1845  Jeweler.
Erastus Samson
Ypsilanti, MI  c. 1850-1880
James Sanders
Schenectady, NY  1849-1886  Jeweler.
Sands & Reineman
Pittsburgh, PA  c. 1848-1853  David Sands and
Adam Reineman, jewelers and watchmakers.
Scribner & Loehr Co.
Cleveland, OH  1898-c. 1930  
Founded by George W. Scribner and Otto T. Lohr.  Manufacturing
jewelers and opticians; made badges and emblems.
Savage & Lyman
Montreal, QU, Canada  1818-1885  Jewelers.
Gustav A. Schultz
Louisville, KY  1866-1893  Watchmaker.
c. 1885 James Sanders Trade Card
Isador S. Sagorsky & Son
Philadelphia, PA  1915-c. 1990  Wholesalers.
William P. Sedgwick
Bath, NY  1864-1914  Jeweler.
Russell L. Samson
Le Roy, NY  c. 1835-1876  Jeweler.
William H. Saxton, Jr.
New London, CT 1891-1895, Middletown, NY 1897-1906 and
Portland, OR 1916-c. 1934  Jeweler and optician.
William Settle
Johnstown, NY  c. 1830-1855  Watchmaker and jeweler.
M.A. Selbert
Business founded in 1872 by Philip Selbert.  Upon his death in 1889, his
widow, Mary A. Selbert, continued the business as M.A. Selbert.  It has
been continued by successive family members under the M.A. Selbert
name and remains in business today.
George S. Sanford
Bridgeport, CT  c. 1850  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Sexton & Whitaker
Brandon, VT  1870-1872  
David F. Sexton and C.M. Whitaker, merchants.
Safford to Sexton
Safford to Sexton
John F. Seely
Ogdensburg, NY  1848-1897
Seely was in the partnership of Seely & Freeman 1848- c. 1860 and Seely & Son
c. 1874-1897 (this business continued until 1909 when it was succeeded by Hulett &
Seely & Freeman
Ogdensburg, NY  1848-c. 1860
W.F. Sellers & Co.
Altoona, PA  1895-c. 1965
Edmond P. Sangston
Greensboro, MD 1877-c. 1880; Easton, MD 1882-1893; and
Danville, VA  1893-1918.  
Watchmaker, jeweler, and optician.
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A. Schmidt & Son
Washington, DC 1884-1888 and New York, NY 1888-1941
Silver and porcelain importers and antiques dealers.  Branches were
operated in San Francisco and Pasadena, CA, Boston, MA, and
Washington, DC.