Simmons & Walter
Lockport, NY  c. 1856-1868  Edward Simmons and Peter D. Walter.
Smith-Patterson Co.
Boston, MA  1895-1956  Founded by M.N. Smith and
Henry Winthrop Patterson as Smith & Patterson (1885-1895).  
Agents and importers of sterling and other items.  Became
part of the Jordan Marsh department store.
S.J. Shrubsole
New York, NY  1936-Present
Harry G. Shupp
Wilkes-Barre, PA  c. 1885-1919  Jeweler.
David P. Smyth
Wilmington, DE  1859-1896  Jeweler and watchmaker.
David Smiley, Jr.
Peterborough, NH  c. 1835-1875  Jeweler and watchmaker.
John S. Shannon  (d.c. 1849)
New York, NY  1841-c. 1849  Watchmaker and jeweler.  
Seth W. Shaw
Providence, RI  c. 1835-1873  Jeweler.
S.D. Smith
Skaneateles and Saratoga Springs, NY  1840's  Jeweler and watchmaker.
Harry R. Smith & Co.
Cincinnati, OH  1867-1900  Jewelers.
John Shaffner
Lancaster, PA  c. 1843  Fancy goods merchant.
Sherman & McCanon
Medina, NY  c. 1863  Jewelers.
Leon Simons
New Orleans, LA  1870-1880  Jeweler.
Stephen Shove
Fall River, MA  c. 1845-1882  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Max Shirpser Jewelry Co.
San Francisco, CA  1889-1902
Snell & Scott
Little Falls, NY  c. 1860-1879  Merchants.
James Ford Smith
Salem, MA  Was a partner in the firm of Smith & Chamberlain
1840 to 1871.  Continued to work independently as a jeweler until
his retirement in 1891.
Sleeper & Jeanneret
Philadelphia, PA  1850-1853
Page J. Smith
Cumberland, MD  1865-1915  
Was in the partnerships of  Johnson & Smith with J.C. Johnson in 1866
and Smith & Poole with Arthur A. Poole 1873-1878.  
Samuel H. Smith
Salem, MA  1872-1882
Shaffner to Snell
c. 1880 J. Ford Smith Trade Card
Shaffner to Snell
John Smart
Philadelphia, PA  1834-1858  
Watchmaker and jeweler.
Henry N. Sherman
Beloit, WI  1856-1876  Jeweler.
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James M. Shaw & Co.
New York, NY  c. 1870-1936  Wholesale distributor.
Eugene O. Smith
Bath, ME  c. 1867-1875