Luther Studley
Brocton, MA  1840-1887  Jeweler.
Lorenzo E. Swan
Cazenovia, NY  c. 1854-1859
Alexander Stowell
Boston, MA  1849-1855 and 1862-1895 and Charlestown, MA 1855-1860
Jeweler.  Formed A. Stowell & Co. in 1865.
A. Stowell & Co.
Boston, MA  1865-1981  Jewelers, founded by Alexander Stowell.
Straw & Tewksbury
Manchester, NH  1852-1866  Daniel F. Straw and
Lewis Tewksbury, jewelers.
A. Stowell & Son
Charlestown, MA  1838-1846  Abel Stowell, Jr. and son Abel Stowell III.
Straw & Lovejoy
Manchester, NH  1869-1888  Daniel F. Straw and James C. Lovejoy.
Luke S. Stowe / L.S. Stowe & Co.
Gardner, MA 1855-1864 and Springfield, MA 1864-1900
Was in the partnership of L.S. Stowe & Co. 1869-1900.
Swift & Truman
Dansville, NY  1852-1855  Lemuel J. Swift and Charles Truman.
L. Sunderlin & Co.
Rochester, NY  1879-1944  Founded by Lewis Sunderlin and his son
Charles E. Sunderlin as a successor to Sunderlin & McAllaster.  Became the
L. Sunderlin Co. upon incorporation in 1900, then Sunderlin Co. in 1944; out of
business in 1952.  Manufacturing jewelers.
George Sutherland, Jr.
Boston, MA  1840-1851  Jeweler.
Sunderlin & McAllaster
Rocheser, NY  1867-1879  Founded by Lewis
Sunderlin and George McAllaster as a successor firm
to Sunderlin & Weaver.  Succeeded by L. Sunderlin &
Co. when Sunderlin bought out McAllaster's share of the business in 1879.  Manufacturing jewelers.
George J. Swortfiguer
Schenectady, NY  c. 1840-1842
Sunderlin & Weaver
Rocheser, NY  1864-1867  Succeeded by Sunderlin & McAllaster.
Stowe to Swartfiguer
A. Stoell & Co. c. 1890 Trade Card
A. Stowell & Co. c. 1890 Trade Card
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Stowe to Swartfiguer
Abel Stowell III  (1819-1882)
Charlestown, MA c.1834-1854 and Baltimore, MD 1855-1882
In the partnership of A. Stowell & Son 1838-1846 and Gould,
Stowell & Ward 1855-1857.
John J. Stowell  (1793-1834)
Medford, MA c. 1815; Charlestown, MA c. 1818-1821 and
Boston, MA  1822-1824  In the partnerships of J.J. & A. Stowell c. 1815
and again c. 1818 and Lerow & Stowell 1822-1824.  Clockmaker and jeweler.
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Abel Stowell, Jr.  (1789-1860)
Groton, MA  c. 1812-1816; Medford, MA c. 1814; Worcester, MA c. 1815;
Charlestown, MA 1815-1858; and Boston, MA  c. 1822-1823
Jeweler and watchmaker.  In the partnership of J.J. & A. Stowell in 1815
in Medford and again in 1818 in Charlestown.  In the partnership of
A. Stowell & Son c. 1815-1818 and again 1838-1846.
David Fearing Studley
Hanover, MA  c. 1832-1834 and
North Bridgewater, MA  1834-1873  Jeweler and watchmaker.