Tice & Huntington
Cincinnati, OH  1873-1891  Importers.
Traub Bros.
Detroit, MI  1861-1916  Founded by Jacob F. and Christian M. Traub.  
A second Detroit location was opened c. 1894 under the name Traub Bros. & Co.,
remaining in business until 1935.
William H. Thompson
Raleigh, NC 1849-c. 1880  Jeweler and clockmaker.
Edwin W. Trask
Aurora, IL  Working alone c. 1858-1869 and in various partnerships until 1922.
Tompkins & Morris
Bangor, ME  1852-1861
John S. Tompkins and Daniel C. Morris, jewelers.
Trask & Plain
Aurora, IL  1885-1922
Branch locations were in Galesburg, Kewanee, and Quincy, IL.
Edmund Tarbell
Boston, MA  1839-1877  Watchmaker.
George F. Tebbets
Newmarket, NH c. 1832 and Lowell, MA 1839-1850  Watchmaker.
Isaac H. Tower
Boston, MA  1851-1866
George F. Tebbets
New York, NY  1840-1852  Watchmaker.
Tweedy & Barrows
New York, NY  1844-1845 and 1847-1848
Dry goods wholesalers.
Ebenezer D. Tisdale
Taunton, MA  1843-1871  Succeeded by E.D. Tisdale & Son.
c. 1880 R.H. Trask Trade Card
Riverus H. Trask
Ottawa, IL  1876-1908
Marcus E. Tobey
Great Barrington, MA  c. 1852-1897  Jeweler.
Charles A. Tripp & Co.
Brattleboro, VT  1866-1900  Watchmakers, jewelers, and opticians.
E.D. Tisdale & Son
Taunton, MA  1871-c. 1930  
Founded by Ebenezer D. Tisdale and his son Henry W. Tisdale.
Thomas W. Taylor
East St. Johnsbury, VT  c. 1880-1887
C. Twambley & Son
Saco, ME  1867-1880
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Amos R. Thompson
New York, NY  1840-1852  Watchmaker.
Tweedy, Barrows & Newell
New York, NY  1845-1847
Dry goods wholesalers.
Archie Tegtmeyer
Milwaukee, WI  1892-1960s  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Charles B. Tousley
Fort Atkinson, WI  c. 1870-1913  Jeweler and optician.