William D. Ward
Springfield, IL  1854-1903
S. Wadsworth & Co.
Keene, NH  c. 1874-1885  Seth Wadsworth, jeweler.
Joseph M. Warden
Bradford, VT  1860-1896 and 1902-1911  Jeweler and merchant.
W.W. Wattles & Sons
Pittsburgh, PA  1889-c. 1960
William Wallace Wattles
Pittsburgh, PA  c. 1860-1905
Warner & Parker
Bridgeport, CT  c. 1874-1890  Succeeded by Parker & Davis.
Edwin R. Wait
Ravenna, OH  c. 1855-1891  Jeweler.
Was in the partnerships of Baird & Wait 1857-1862; Wait, Dewey & Co.  1871-1882;
and Wait Bros. 1882-1889.
Arthur Wallenhorst
Baltimore, MD  1872-1905  Manufacturing jeweler.
Samuel H. Wales / S.H. Wales & Co.
Providence, RI  c. 1835-1875  Watchmaker and jeweler,
operated as S.H. Wales & Co. 1872-1875.
David B. Warren
Pawtucket, RI  c. 1819-1868
Wellington W. Washburn
Galesburg, IL  1859-1875  Watchmaker and jeweler.
Joseph H. Washburn
Boston, MA c. 1850-1851; Chicopee, MA 1852-1860;
Newton, MA c. 1864-1865; and Natick, MA 1868-1896
The business continued as the J.H. Washburn Co. after Washburn's death
in 1896 and remained in business to c. 1905.
J.H. & D.E. Washburn
Boston, MA  c. 1850-51 and Chickopee, MA  c. 1852  
Brothers Joseph H. and David E. Washburn.  
Jewelers and fancy good merchants.
Laird H. Wallace
Red Cloud, MN 1884-1890 and Ogden, UT  1890-1899
George Waterman
Albany, NY  1848-1871  Jeweler.
Wattles & Sheafer
Pittsburgh, PA  1867-1890
W. Warren Wattles and James Sheafer.
Wakefield & Woodward
Great Falls, NH  c 1865-1867  
Albert Wakefield and James J. Woodward.
Wachhorst to Wattles
Wachhorst to Wattles
Wall & Dougherty
Honolulu, HI  1912-c. 1926  
Arthur Frederick Wall and J.D. Dougherty.
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Herman Wachhorst
Sacramento, CA 1850-1854 and 1861-1899; San Francisco, CA
Founded by Hermann Wachhorst, jeweler.  The business continued after after his death in 1899 to c. 1940.
Isaac P. Walton
Philadelphia, PA 1855-1858 and Tyrone, PA 1859-1904
Watchmaker and jeweler.  Was in the partnership of Walton & Acklin from 1892
until his death in 1904.  Walton & Acklin remained in business to c. 1912.
Edward S. Waite
Portland, ME  1900-1931
Successor to Randolph H. Boynton.  Watchmaker and jeweler.