William G. Whilden & Co.
Charleston, SC  c. 1865-1871
Webb & Lee
Janesville, WI  1856-1862
Wells & Day
Oswago, PA  1872-1880  Walter Wells and Charles Day.
Wendell & Feltman
Albany, NY  1860-1864  William Wendell and William Feltman, jewelers.  
Mark shown here on a piece made by John L. Westervelt.
Wendell & Hyman
Chicago, IL  1866-1875
Charles Wendell and Edward Sigmund Hyman.
Franklin A. Whelan
Alexandria and Mount Vernon, VA  1886-1926
Wendell & Roberts
Albany, NY  1864-1876  
William Wendell and his brother-in-law Richard H. Roberts.
Jacob P. Weixler, Jr.
Worcester, MA  1865-1897  Jeweler.
Wheelers & Brooks
Livonia, NY  c. 1830
Welsh & Payne
New York, NY  1849-1851  
George William Welsh and John K. Payne.
West & Crane
New Bedford, MA  c. 1855-1856  Watchmakers and jewelers.
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Webb to Whilden
Webb to Whilden
Ralph Wheeler
Hudson, NY  c. 1835-1871
Wells & Chamberlain
Minneapolis, MN  1860-1869   
G.G. Wells and William H. Chamberlain.
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