F. Williams
Palmyra, NY  c. 1857-1863  Jeweler.  Mark shown here on a
spoon made by Joseph Seymour.
Volney Winchell
Chicopee, MA  c. 1845-1855 and Springfield, MA c. 1856  Jeweler.
Charles F. Wolters
Rochester, NY  c. 1851-1896  
Founded by Charles F. Wolters, manufacturing jeweler, who died in 1880.  The
business was continued under his name until 1896.
James S. Wilkins
Memphis, TN  1850-1884  Jeweler.  
Was a member of F.H. Clark & Co. 1856-1876.
Obed Wickens
New York, NY  1831-1852  Watch and clockmaker.
Whitney & Osgood
Lewiston, ME  c. 1871-1872
Lewis H. Wing
Macon, GA  c. 1860-1871
Albert E. Whitney
Fitchburg, MA 1870-1882 and Boston, MA 1882-1889  Was a
partner of Whitney Bros. with his brother Edwin Whitney 1877-1889.
Wolf & Durringer
Louisville, KY  1859-1871
Wilbur & Tyler
Fitchburg, MA  c. 1868-1874
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Whitney to Wolters
Whitney to Wolters
George Wolf
Louisville, KY  1856-1897  In the partnerships of Wolf & Durringer 1859-1871
and George Wolf & Co. 1883-1897.
1879 Ad
F. Williams Trade Card
1873 Ad
1874 Ad
Charles W. Wingate
Waterville, ME  1856-1860; Byrlington, VT  1860-1865;
New York, NY 1865-1870; Portland, ME 1870;
Burlington, VT 1871-1883; Boston, MA 1883-1895;
Newburyport, MA c. 1896-1898 and Boston, MA 1900-1901
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Alanson D. Wilcox
Troy, NY 1843-1860 and East Poultney, VT c. 1870-1879
Was a partner in the firm of Harris & Wilcox 1846-1853 and
Wilcox, Carpenter & Son 1856-1860.