Emil Oscar Zadek / E.O. Zadek & Co. / Zadek Jewelry Co.
Mobile, AL  1866-1908
Zadek was involved with these businesses:
Zadek & Caldwell 1867-1870.
E.O. Zadek & Co. c. 1871-1887.
Zadek Jewelry Co. c. 1888-1908; Zadek died in 1908 and this firm remained in business to c . 1920.
Phillip Zoellner
Portsmouth, OH  1857-1899  Watchmaker and jeweler.  Succeeded by
his sons Otto and Charles as the firm of Otto Zoellner & Bro. in 1899.
Henry Zacharias
San Francisco, CA  1859-1884  
Was in the partnership of Zacharias & Green 1876-1880.
H.L. & E.J. Zahm
Lancaster, PA  1854-1870  
Brothers Henry L. and Edward J. Zahm.   Watchmakers and
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