Adelphi Silver Plate Co.
New York, NY  1890-c. 1912
Albany Silver Plate Co.
The company began in the 1870s.  It was purchased by I.J. Steane & Co. c. 1886,
becoming a part of the Barbour Silver Co. in 1892.  
American Silver Co.
Bristol and Waterbury, CT  1901-1935  
Successor to the Holmes & Tuttle Mfg. Co.
Acquired by International Silver in 1935.  
flatware patterns.
Acme Silver Plate Co.
Boston, MA  c. 1885
American Silver Plate Co. (I)
A trademark of Simpson, Hall & Miller, later International, first used in 1894.
Acme Silver Co.
Toronto, ON, Canada  c. 1885-1893
Academy Silver Co.
New York, NY  1951-1961
Alvin Corporation
Listed under Silversmiths.
American Sterling Co.
Naubuc, CT  1871-1880  Succeeded the Curtisville Mfg. Co.  
The name was changed to Williams Bros. Mfg. Co. when the
business was sold in 1880.  The name was revived by Williams
Bros. in 1907 for a line of flatware sold by Montgomery Ward.  
flatware patterns.
Aladdin Silver Plate
A trademark of International Silver.  See flatware patterns.
American Silver Plate Co. (II)
A trademark of the Williams Bros. Mfg. Co.  
flatware patterns.
Alpha Plate
A trademark of Oneida.
A trade name of the Regal Silver Mfg. Co. who
manufactured silverplated flatware 1910-1942.
1894 Adelphia Silver Plate Co. Ad
Adams Mfg. Co.
A trademark of Wallace Silversmiths.  
flatware patterns.
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Academy to American
Academy to American
Silverplate Marks
Adams, Chandler & Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1869-1870
Adams, Price & Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1869-1870
Adams, Hallock & Co.
Brooklyn, NY  c. 1872-1874