Colonial Silver Co., Inc.
Portland, ME  1899-1943
Successor to Stevens Silver Co.
Columbia Silver Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1957-1961
Community / Community Plate
Trademarks of Oneida Silversmiths.
Cohannet Silver Co.
Taunton, MA  1903-1911
Continental Manufacturing Co. /
Continental Sheffield Silver Co. /
Continental Silver Co.
Brooklyn, NY  1886-1950s
flatware patterns.
Cambridge Silver Plate
A trademark of Sears, Roebuck & Co., first used c. 1909, for
flatware made by various manufacturers.  See
flatware patterns.
Castle Silver Plate
A trademark of International Silver.  See flatware patterns.
Camelia Silver Plate
A trademark of International Silver.  See flatware patterns.
Canterbury Silversmiths
Brooklyn, NY  c. 1946-1950
Connecticut Plate Co.
Originally a trademark used on holloware of J.W. Johnson, a wholesale
silverplating company.  It later became a brand of the Adelphi Silver Plate
Columbian Silver Co.
A trademark of the Queen City Silver Co.
Cambridge to Continental
Carillon Plate
A trademark of Wallace Silversmiths.  
flatware patterns.
A brand name for a line of flatware made by Oneida for the American
Cereal Co.   American offered the flatware as premiums to purchasers
of their cereal products.   See
flatware patterns.
Castle Silver Corp.
New York, NY  c. 1950
Cattaraugus Cutlery Co.
Little Valley, NY  1886-1963  A cutlery manufacturer,
white metal flatware was made c. 1900-1920 under the
brand name Yukon Silver.
Cecilware Corp.
Long Island City, NY  Founded by the Cecil Bros. in 1911, Cecilware
merged with the Grindmaster Corp. in 2011 to become Grindmaster-
Cecilware.  They are manufacturers of food service equipment, and
silverplated products were made prior to 1950.  The logo at right was
first used in 1925.
Coming Soon
Chicago Silver Plate Co.
Chicago, IL  1868-1869
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Cambridge to Continental
Carlton Silver Plate
A trademark of Oneida Silversmiths.  
flatware patterns.
Silverplate Marks
Cavalier Silver Plate
A trademark of International Silver.