Curtisville Mfg. Co.
Curtisville (now Glastonbury), CT  1854-c. 1864
J.F. Curran & Co.
New York, NY  c. 1866-1872
Crown Silver Co., Inc.
Brookline, MA  c. 1936-1950
Crescent Silverware Mfg. Co.
New York, NY 1922-1939 and
Port Jervis, NY 1939-1977  
Acquired by S. Kirk & Son in 1977.
Corbell & Co.
London, U.K. 1946-1951 and Paradise Valley, AZ 1951-Present
A trademark of the Quaker Valley Mfg. Co.
Cunningham Silver Plate
A trademark of the William Rogers Mfg. Co.  
Used on flatware made for Ocean Spray Cranberry
Sauce who offered the flatware as premiums.  See
flatware patterns.
Coronet Silver Co., Inc.
Brooklyn, NY  c. 1950
Cream of Rye Silver Co.
Flatware with this backstamp was made by Oneida and produced
for the Minneapolis Cereal Company who gave away spoons as
premiums in packages of Cream of Rye cereal.  See
flatware patterns.
Crusader Silver Plate
A trademark of International Silver.
flatware patterns.
Crown Silver Plate Co. / Crown Silver Co.
Originally a trademark beginning c. 1880 of
J.W. Johnson, a wholesale silverplating company that
began in 1869.  It later became a brand of the American
Silver Co. and then International Silver.  See
flatware patterns.
W.I. Cowlishaw
Boston, MA  1898-1930  
Best known for antique pewter reproductions.
Curtin & Clark Hardware Co.
St. Joseph and Kansas City, MO  1890-1922  A part of the
Curtin & Clark Cutlery Co.  Advertised as silverplaters 1909-1922.
A trademark of the Middletown Silver Co.
Corbell to Curtisville
Corbell to Curtisville
Cromwell Silver Plate
A trademark of Wallace Silversmiths.  
flatware patterns.
Crescent Silver Co.
A trademark of the Albert G. Finn Silver Co. of Syracuse, NY.  In business
c. 1904, they were succeeded by the P.A. Coon Silver Mfg. Co.
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Court Silver Plate
A trademark of International Silver.
flatware patterns.
Silverplate Marks