Hartford Sterling Co.
Listed under Silversmiths.
Hartford Silver Plate Co.
Hartford, CT  1881-1893  Became a part of
the Barbour Silver Co. in 1893.  
flatware patterns.
Hamilton Manufacturing Co.
Chicago, IL  c. 1895-1902  Succeeded by Benedict Manufacturing Co.
flatware patterns.
Hartford Mfg. Co.  
Hartford, CT  1854-1862  See
flatware patterns.
Charles W. Hamill & Co.
Baltimore, MD  1876-1884
Hall & Elton
Geneva, NY  c. 1841-1850  
Founded by Abraham B. Hall and A.D. Elton.
Haynes Stellite Co.
Kokomo, IN  1912-Present  Founded by Elwood Haynes, who is credited with being
both the inventor of stainless steel and with producing the first gasoline-powered
automobiles in the U.S.  The Haynes Stellite Co. was not a silverplater but rather a
producer of industrial metals.  They made table knives and other cutlery in the late
1910s to early 1920s.  Was a part of Union Carbide 1920-1987, and now operates as
Haynes International.  See
flatware patterns.
1920 Haynes Stellite Co. Advertisement
Harmony House Plate
A trademark of Wallace Silversmiths.  The Harmony
House line was sold through Sears Roebuck & Co.  
flatware patterns.
E.V. Haughwout & Co.
A New York City retailer.  In the 1860s they operated their own
silverplating establishment, buying unplated goods from Reed & Barton.
Lucius Hart Mfg. Co.
New York, NY  1868-1898
D.W. Haber & Son
Bronx, NY  c. 1935-Present  Website.
Began by David W. Haber in 1902.  His son Conrad Haber
joined the firm c. 1935 to become D.W. Haber & Son.
Makers and dealers of hotel and restaurant silverplate and
white metal goods.
1889 Hartford Silver Plate Co. Advertisement
Haber to Haynes
Haber to Haynes
Hamilton & Diesingler
Listed under Silversmiths.
Hallmark Plate
A trademark of the United Jewelers, a retail jewelers'
cooperative in New York, NY, 1914-1923.  See
flatware patterns.
Haddon Plate
A trademark brand for flatware sold by T. Eaton & Co., a
Toronto-based department store, and manufactured by
McGlashan, Clarke & Co.  See
flatware patterns.
Chas. J. Hauck & Son
Brooklyn, NY  1881-1906
Metal goods manufacturer.
Hall, Elton & Co.
Wallingford, CT 1837-1890  
Founded by Almer Hall, William Elton, and Jacob
Hall.  Acquired by Maltby, Stevens & Curtiss Co.  
flatware patterns.
Hartford Plate Co.
Hartford, CT  1863-1866
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